Cuticle oil: effectiveness and how to use it

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It is known that nail process consists of several stages. If we talk about the squealing stage, it is known that a manicure ends with moisturizing the cuticle. This is exactly what the manicure master does, in order to avoid dry skin around the nails and to give a well-groomed look to the nails. Cuticle oil is the «main helper» for nourishing the skin around the nails. In this closer look at oil for cuticles.


Cuticle oil - is a mixture of essential and vegetable oils, moisturizing ingredients, as well as vitamins and antioxidants. Cuticle oil is a regular care product for the skin around the nails. The oil softens, nourishes and strengthens the skin and nails, prevents the formation of burrs, relieves incipient inflammation, accelerates nail growth and has a regenerating effect. Dryness and irritation in the cuticle area is unpleasant and extremely dangerous. Burrs, inflammation around the nail folds, inflammation of the cuticle, fungal diseases, etc. can form. This simple and extra care can save you from all this.
Оil forms a protective film and retains the evaporation of water from the skin, and glycerin or panthenol (moisturizing components in the composition) retain moisture under this film, providing hands with additional nourishment and softness.



1. Mitigation. Softens the skin around the nails and thereby protects against injury, cracks and burrs.
2. Protection. The oil protects against the penetration of bacteria into the matrix and prevents the development of influenza infection.
3. Recovery. It acts on the nail plate, moisturizing it and preventing flaking.
4. Nutrition. Natural oils contain more vitamins A and E, which are important for nails.



- For trimmed manicure. Oil is necessary so that the cut sites do not dry out and become inflamed. The oil helps to ensure that the cut sites do not dry out or become inflamed. Indeed, for a high-quality European manicure, the cuticle must be elastic and smooth. The oil will easily cope with this task.


- With frequent coating of nails with gel polish. Additional care, oh how necessary.
- For cuticle care between manicure treatments. For owners of rough cuticles, it is recommended to rub oil daily.
- Immediately after the manicure procedure. During a manicure, the cuticle is exposed to the tools and UV rays of the lamp.


Grape seeds. Contains a high concentration of vitamin E. Moisturizes cuticles and nourishes na
ils. It is often used before a manicure: the skin quickly becomes soft and easy to work with.

Thirst. Jojoba oil eliminates redness, perfectly moisturizes, relieves inflammation, soothes and restores the epidermis.

Coconut. Rich in vitamins A and E. Promotes healing of damage and soothes irritated skin. It penetrates well into the skin and is absorbed quickly, moisturizes, softens, revitalizes even very dull nails. Leaves no greasy residue in pyriminium.

Peach. Contains vitamin B15. Copes with the prevention of fungus. This oil is recommended to be used after a trim manicure. Peach cuticle oil can be used every day: it is light and gentle, perfectly absorbed, prevents the skin from drying out and protects from external influences, without causing skin reactions and addiction.

Tea tree. It has antiseptic properties, has a preventive effect, and prevents the development of onychomycosis.

Rosemary. Accelerates blood circulation, strengthens nails and cuticles.

Sandala. Antifungal agent. Heals cracks and moisturizes effectively.


1. Apply a small amount of the oily product to the base of the nail using a pipette or brush.
2. Rub it into the skin, tub rollers and the nail plate with light massage movements.
3. Wait until it is completely absorbed into the skin.

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Using cuticle oil daily and regularly will help keep your nails looking great and beautiful.

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