«Black Friday» in Global Fashion! Biggest sale of the year!

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Finally it happened! The week of the most anticipated BLACK FRIDAY sale of the year has arrived! We are sure that you have been waiting for this «friday» with the same impatience as we do. Although it is «black», it promises to be large-scale. We decided not to limit ourselves to one day, and to extend the discounts for a whole week!
So, our «BLACK FRIDAY» lasts as much as 7 DAYS - from November 23 to 29, 2020!
DISCOUNT -20% is valid only when ordering online from the website dev.globalfashion.ru and from the online store @ globalfashion.ru

Now you have a unique opportunity to buy the desired goods at «exclusive prices» and at the same time remain with a full wallet.
* It is worth noting that the prices on the site will not change, but when assembling the order, we will recalculate the amount for you, taking into account the DISCOUNT!
Hurry up !!!! The number of products is limited !!!
Published: 19.11.2020 12:30 Times Read: 1598