5 - destructive habits that make nails worse. How to overcome them?

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It is very important for us that our nails are always neat and beautiful. And this is not surprising, because pens and nails are the first thing that catches your eye, especially if the work is closely related to the computer and office. And all would be fine, but there is one «snag" that constantly interferes - bad habits, I would even say «unfortunate habits». But you must admit, it's not a matter of habit, but of ourselves. We know it's not worth doing this, and we still do it over and over again. Everyone, set a taboo in front of ourselves - «I will not bite my nails anymore» and that same evening we find ourselves with bitten nails and a terribly ugly manicure. Oh, these bad habits! But! There is an exit! Read our article, we will tell you about the ways to combat these «bad habits». 


So, the first and most famous habit, of course, is «nail biting».

Habit number 1: Nail biting

Many adults and even educated people of different ages suffer from this habit, and not just children and adolescents. From this habit, a huge number of negative consequences: biting nails look unaesthetic, the shape of the nails and the condition of the skin around them are deformed, burrs appear, the condition of the teeth worsens, the risk of disorders of the digestive system increases. In addition to all this, this habit is very unsanitary - after all, dirt and bacteria accumulate under the nails, which enter our body directly through the mouth. From this you can earn some more sore, which is not so easy to get out of it later.

What to do?

1. Make yourself a magical and professional manicure, which will be a pity to «nibble». Firstly, because it is beautiful, and secondly, because it is expensive. And best of all, you can cover your nails with gel or acrylic: it is quite difficult to bite off this. Use a strengthening nail bath with salt and lemon juice at least once a week. On our site there is an article, «How to strengthen your nails? Simple and efective tips», in it you will find various baths for nail care.


2. Trim your nails regularly. The shorter the nail, the harder it is to chew.

3. Buy a special bitter varnish at any pharmacy and cover your nails with it, even covering them with a regular varnish, because it is very unpleasant to feel the taste of varnish in your mouth!

4. It is believed that most often this habit occurs when a person is nervous or anxious. To stop harming yourself, doctors advise changing this activity to a less harmful one, in other words, replace one habit with another, but equally effective for calming: twist the ring on your finger, take your hands with a rosary or a bracelet, squeeze an anti-stress toy.
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Habit number 2: Permanently remove cuticles

Not less than the nail plates suffer from our bad habits and cuticles, which we constantly «attack” with scissors, tweezers, fingers and teeth. This is definitely a bad habit, the cuticles are best left alone, otherwise they will look torn and sore, and the resulting wounds and cracks are an open gateway for all kinds of infections. Plus, over time, this habit can lead to unpleasant scars.

What to do?

1. Tidy up your cuticles more often by doing a manicure with your master. Given the condition of your cuticle, you don't know which manicure is right for you? There is a solution! Read our article, «Which manicure is right for you?».
2. Use cuticle cream and oils - massage them several times a day. This will not only soften even the tightest cuticles, but also improve blood flow - nails will grow faster.
3. A stiff file will be needed for the side «bolsters" so that burrs and rough skin do not form. She needs to be used when the hands are dry, handle each finger, being careful not to touch the nail itself. This simple method helps to avoid burrs. For more information about files, read our article, «Nail file. An indispensable tool in every girl's cosmetic bag»

Habit number 3: Pick up the varnish

An equally common habit is to scrape off nail polish. The habit of picking out the varnish with your hands or with improvised objects (instead of removing it with special means) is very harmful, as it can lead to the fact that you, along with the varnish, will regularly remove the top layer of nails, which will make them terribly ugly and significantly weaken.

What to do?

1. A simple solution from experts is to always carry a nail polish remover with you, in case the varnish begins to peel off, or you suddenly want to remove it. These products are gentle on nails and fit easily into a cosmetic bag. For the first time you think, «to drag this along with you», it seems so for the first time, but in fact you should try, and then «carrying the product with you» will become a predominant habit.

2. And so that this problem does not arise too often, use high-quality varnishes with a protective coating or do long-term manicure, for example, a hardware manicure. At the current time, this is a trend in the nail service. By the way, we have an article on our website «Hardware manicure is a super technology!», and if you are from the category of people who believe that such a manicure is harmful, then we have an alternative article  «Hardware manicure: myths and truth», so read and take note! It's worth it!

Habit number 4: Trying to get under your fingernail

Very often, many try to remove dirt from under the nail with a nail file, an orange stick, or even with the nail of the other hand! In no case should this be done! The nail can begin to flake off and the dust gets clogged even deeper.

What to do?

It is better to use a brush and soap and water for cleaning. And for bleaching, there are special pencils or remember folk remedies, for example, lemon pulp. By the way, a proven and very effective way. 

Habit number 5: Using your nails as a tool and pulling off a broken or cracked nail

Very often, we automatically use our nails as tools - scraping, opening, unscrewing, etc. Well, why make a «magic wand» out of your own nails ?!

What to do?

For emergency help, just file the roughness on the nail so that they do not distract you, and carefully trim the broken nail at home. If the fracture occurs at the very edge of the marigold and threatens with bleeding, then it is better to use a repair kit or even make a false nail.
Well, we have explained 5 top habits to you, told about ways to combat them. Now it's up to you. Take a step from theory to practice. You will succeed!

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