Wax melter for depilation. Goodbye unwanted hairs

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Unwanted body hair is a problem for every modern girl. I put on a beautiful dress, put on heels, painted my lips with red fondant, and then an ambush, the hairs ruined the long-awaited day off, now again the pants, and so I wanted to show off a new dress. Familiar situation? Is not it? It is known that every modern girl dreams of having her skin silky and delicate, but there are few cosmetic products here. It is also important and necessary to get rid of unwanted body hair. How to do it? Exist there are many ways, but one of the most popular at the moment is wax depilation. It is a procedure that does not irritate the skin and leaves no residue. In order to carry out depilation, you need melted wax, which can be obtained using a special wax melter. What is this wax melting? This is a device that heats wax to a certain temperature.

Varieties of wax melters and features of their use

Cassette wax melter - such a wax melter is ideal for home use, the most convenient and safe. This small device, into which a special cassette of wax is inserted, is equipped with a roller applicator. That is, after heating, the wax is applied to the surface of the skin with the help of this roller, and is evenly distributed in a thin layer over the desired area. After that, you need to attach a cloth strip, wait a few seconds and tear off against hair growth. This wax melter allows the procedure to be carried out quickly and easily. When the cartridge runs out, you just need to insert a new cartridge and continue using the device.

Canned wax melter - used to warm up funds placed in cans. A versatile device that heats not only wax, but also paraffin. A can wax melter is a platform connected to a network, inside which a can of wax can be inserted. When the contents are completely melted, it is applied to the skin using a special wooden spatula. The detachment of the hardened wax with hairs occurs by hand. It is very convenient to use during depilation and paraffin therapy.

The combined version is a universal model that includes both cartridge and can type at the same time. Most often used by professionals in beauty salons, it has slots for both wax cans and cassettes. It is equipped with two control systems, it allows heating different types of wax to the required temperature. Such wax is more expensive than other types.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wax melters for depilation?

Of course, the wax melt has both advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages: there are much more of them
- The speed of heating the wax.
- Health safety.
- Compact and convenient size of the wax melter.
- Economical energy consumption.
- Affordable price.
- Possibility of transportation.
- Long term use.
Disadvantages: Waxing is more expensive than using an epilator. Each home session requires wax and special tissue strips. The device itself is also quite expensive, there are cheaper models.

Power and capacity of wax melters

There are wax melters with power: average 13 - 40 watts, high 80 - 100 watts. And also there are different capacities: from 400 to 800 ml.

Caring for the wax heater

Modern appliances are practical and easy to clean. But wax is not easy to clean from any surface. In general, there are specials. means for cleaning devices. They remove dirt quickly and easily, but the easiest way is to clean the wax heater while still warm with an alcohol wipe. Also, you can use any remedy based on essential or other fatty oils. For example, turpentine or oil to cleanse the skin, used in this procedure. It is necessary to wipe the device with a sponge soaked in oil, then wipe it with alcohol at least 40 degrees.
Today, the cosmetics market provides a huge selection of wax pastes and related products for self-epilation. How to choose wax really "for yourself" in such a large quantity of everything?
Waxes, in the field of their use, can be divided into the following types:
- By melting point.
- By the form of release.
- By appointment.

Melting point waxes

Can wax - due to its significant volume, it is more often used in salons with a large flow of customers. In cans, waxes of different densities are produced to treat different parts of the body. To remove the mass from the skin, strips of paper or non-woven material are used, which are applied to a layer of wax, and then torn off with a sharp movement against the growth of hair.

Wax in tablets is a canned version, but softer in structure and does not provoke allergic reactions.

Wax in granules (film) is most effective for use in the bikini area, underarms and face. This form of release is convenient because you can easily measure the required amount of material. When using it, you do not need strips - it keeps its shape perfectly and is removed from the skin with a single piece of film.
One of the most popular do-it-yourself forms is cartridge waxes. Thanks to a special roller in the design, the cartridges allow you to apply the material quickly, in an even thin strip. Cassette wax requires warming up, therefore, to use it, you need a special heater - wax melter. To remove the mass from the skin, paper or cloth strips are needed. This wax option is suitable for any part of the body, the composition and additives should be selected based on the area of application.

Wax strips are a convenient option on the road or on vacation, as they are easy to use and dispose of. This shape is economical - one strip can be used several times. But in efficiency it is inferior to other methods - a thin layer of wax on a strip can not always capture short hair.

Waxes by appointment

Universal - used for the whole body, including the bikini area and face.
For the limbs, chest and back - warm wax is usually used in these areas, since the hairs are not so hard and do not sit very deeply.
For the face - a softer wax is used, usually warm, with a special narrow roller.
For the bikini area and underarms - only hot wax is always used for depilation of the intimate area.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

- Wax depilation does not take much time. For example, leg hair can be removed in 15 minutes.
- The result lasts 3 weeks or more. Of course, this fact depends on the type of hair and the rate of growth.
- Waxing is a fairly economical way of depilation when compared to salon hair removal. One can of wax will definitely be enough for several procedures.
- When removing hair with wax, the risk of irritation is minimal.

- Painful sensations may occur, especially if the skin is sensitive.
- Possible allergy to wax. It is better to do a sensitivity test before using the product. Here waxing loses to shugaring.
- If the wax is overheated, it can injure the skin. Such an injury will take a long time to heal and will bring a lot of discomfort.
- During hair removal, a mole or other skin formation can be damaged.
The disadvantages include a whole list of diseases in which wax depilation is prohibited: diabetes mellitus, dermatological diseases, infectious and inflammatory processes, problems with blood vessels, varicose veins, oncology. Doctors also do not recommend waxing for pregnant girls.

Depilation methods

And now let's figure out what methods of depilation exist today.
In such modern times, hair removal is in great demand. There are several ways to depilate and to avoid complications, you need to choose the method of hair removal that is right for you.

Tweezers, razors and electric epilators

Hair can be plucked with tweezers, an epilator, or shaved off. These methods are inexpensive and typical at home, but they have many disadvantages: after a razor, the "bristles" grow back for 3-5 days and it has the ability to irritate the skin, plucking causes pain.

Waxing and shugaring

Waxing (wax depilation) and sugaring (sugar depilation) are methods that can be used in the summer.
Wax helps to get rid of hair quickly, and the effect of depilation lasts for two to four weeks. This type of depilation is best trusted by qualified beauty salon masters. But, if you are not able to do this, you can carry out the procedure yourself at home. Any cosmetic store sells pre-made wax strips for different areas.
For depilation of all areas, except for the bikini and armpit areas, wax in cassettes is quite suitable for you. In order to carry out the procedure, it is enough to apply wax along the hair growth to the desired area, glue the bandage tape on top, and then sharply tear off the tape strictly against the hair growth.

Sugaring can be called one of the best methods of depilation, because sugar pastes have a natural composition, they are hypoallergenic. At home, such a procedure is difficult to implement, but nevertheless possible. This will require sugar in a cartridge and a cloth band. It is worth noting that the shugaring technique is directly opposite to the wax depilation technique, the composition must be applied against hair growth, and it must be removed strictly according to hair growth.
Regarding the depilation of areas such as the bikini area and underarms, it is still better to entrust qualified depilation specialists.
The advantages of these methods include complete hair removal with bulbs. New hairs begin to grow in 2-4 weeks, no bristles appear. Among the minuses, it hurts, there is a high probability of ingrown hair, irritation, edema and allergies, it cannot be used for varicose veins.

Photoepilation and laser

Effective methods are photo and laser hair removal. Vegetation is removed using special devices under the supervision of a specialist. This method of depilation can only be done in salons with the help of qualified specialists. It is expensive, but the masters promise a complete cessation of hair growth after several procedures. However, the result is covered by many contraindications and side effects: in the summer it is not recommended to use these methods, since contact of the skin with the sun is prohibited, the procedure can be very painful and require the use of anesthetic drugs, dermatologists warn about the possibility of developing skin cancer after laser and photoepilation.

Using depilatory creams

Removing unwanted vegetation with a cream is a painless and inexpensive way. This method can be used at home. The result of such depilation depends on the composition and quality of the selected product. Practice shows that depilatory creams are able to fight only with thin and soft hair, they simply "will not take" coarse bristles
Professional creams gently remove hairs and contain vitamins and oils for the skin to minimize irritation.

Products used before depilation

The means used before the procedure are mandatory. Every master must have at his disposal at least a gel before depilation and talcum powder before depilation. The task of the gel before depilation is to prepare the skin:
 - clean, degrease and disinfect.
- to reduce the time of depilation due to the better adhesion of the paste to the hairs.
- expand the mouth of the hair follicle for better penetration of the paste.
- to obtain a slight analgesic effect: the composition contains cooling menthol or other similar components.
Talc, which is used after the gel, before applying the sugar paste, is of particular importance among pre-depilation products. Its use is an indispensable part of the hair removal process performed by a professional master. Talc removes excess moisture and sebum, raises hairs, serves as a protective layer, protecting the skin from injury. The finely dispersed structure of talcum powder does not clog pores, contributes to a quick and comfortable procedure. 

Funds after depidation procedure

Any hair removal procedure causes minimal redness, and for some, even irritation. Therefore, it is very important to take proper care of your skin after the procedure.
The components that make up the lotion after depilation provide skin protection during this period, soften and soothe it, close the pores, preventing bacteria from causing inflammation. Not only talcum powder, before and after depilation, but also the subsequent home care will make the process of removing unwanted hair perfect. Regular use of creams and oils will moisturize the skin, make it soft, prevent fine hairs from growing in and slow down their growth. The products used in combination will make the depilation procedure painless and quick, without irritation and redness, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to have healthy, sensual and silky skin.

After the depilation procedure, the required area is treated with a caring agent. There are several types of funds designed for different zones:

- After depilating arms and legs in the spring and summer, use lighter textures, such as lotions.
- In winter, on large surfaces, it is better to use oil after depilation, as it nourishes and saturates the skin with microelements. 
- For sensitive areas, it is better to use creamy textures, as they moisturize the skin well. It is especially good to use an emulsion, it prevents moisture loss.
Recommendations after depilation

Recommendations after depilation

After any method of hair removal, the skin is injured and becomes very sensitive. Take note of a few simple rules and observe them within 24 hours after the procedure.

1. You can not visit: sauna, swimming pool, gym, solarium, beach, swimming in lakes and rivers, lying in the bath (you can shower), massage room, SPA treatments (wraps).

2. After depilation in the bikini area, it is advisable to refrain from intimacy for a day, and instead of water, wash with antiseptic.

3. After a shower, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing emulsion or lotion to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, restore the lipid layer. Soft and moisturized skin easily allows thinning hair to pass through as it grows.

4.Do not apply deodorant to depilated areas. Especially right after the procedure! It can cause irritation, itching and dryness of the skin.

5. It is recommended not to wear tight and synthetic clothing in the first days after the procedure.

6.Do not sunbathe! Sunbathing can be a real nightmare for the skin after depilation - it can lead to inflammation and even burns.

We hope that after reading this article, we helped you understand all the necessary nuances.
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