Methods for aligning the nail plate

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You dream of perfect gel polish, but unfortunately your nails are not so even and smooth. You shouldn't take this to heart, as this is a solvable problem. In this article, we will show you different ways to help you achieve the desired effect - straighten your nails. Take note!
First, let's see the reasons for the uneven plate.


1. Mechanical damage: blows, pinching, inept manicure. The injured nail can grow together over time, and the plate will become even and smooth, as before, but a serious injury can permanently deprive neat nails.

2. Bacterial or fungal infections. Diseases of the skin and nails often lead to deformation of the nail plate, as well as its thinning and detachment.

3. Imbalance in the diet. Longitudinal grooves on the surface of the plates may indicate a lack of iron or protein, and brittleness - a deficiency of vitamins.


Unfortunately, not all girls can boast of straight nails. There are several basic alignment methods. Namely, as such are:
- Base.
- Biogel.

Now, in order, let's talk about each way of aligning the nail plate.

Base align
For leveling, you need a base with a thick or medium consistency. We recommend smoothing and drying one nail at a time.

How do I align with the base?

1. First, prepare the nail plate: do a manicure, wipe the surface with a degreaser.
2. Apply a thin layer of base, seal the ends, dry in a lamp.
3. To align, place a drop of base in the center of the nail and distribute from the cuticle to the free edge of the nail.
4. Dry in a UV / LED lamp for 30 sec.
Now the nails are even, you can safely apply gel polish.
IMPORTANT: The liquid base is not suitable for leveling, as they can spread.

Alignment with biogel

The alignment of the nail plate can also be performed using biogel. For this, both transparent and camouflage shades are suitable. Such material will have a number of advantages: naturalness and environmental friendliness, absence of chemical impurities, not just cosmetic, but also therapeutic effect; stimulation of the growth of nail plates, strengthening of marigolds by enhancing the production of keratin, the durability of manicure, as well as the care of its alignment and ease of removal.

How to align with biogel?

1. Preparing the nail plate: doing a manicure, wiping it with a degreaser.
2. We cover the nail with a base, dry it in a lamp.
3. Apply biogel with a brush, first with a thin layer, then with a drop in the center. We distribute over the surface. The nail rolls should have a thinner layer than the center of the nail to help form the correct bulge.
4. Now we dry the biogel in a UV / LED lamp for 30 sec.
After all the steps, you can proceed to the gel polish.

Smoothing with acrylic powder

Coating with acrylic powder will make your finish more durable. This is its main advantage over the base and biogel. But keep in mind that you will need additional funds to remove acrylic.

How to align with acrylic powder?

1. We prepare the nail plate, cover it with a base and dry it in a UV / LED lamp for 30 sec.
2. Apply the second layer of the base, then sprinkle it with acrylic powder, focusing on the center of the nail and the free edge. Dry in a UV / LED lamp.
3. Brush off the remaining acrylic and apply the final layer of the base. Dry again.
After the third layer of the base, you can cover your nails with gel polish and design.

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