Why the gel-polish peels off? Reasons

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Today, manicure using gel polish is at the peak of popularity. And this is not surprising, since gel-varnish is convenient, stylish and practical. Unfortunately, sometimes, gel polish peels off on the nails. There can be many reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon. In this article, we will discuss with you all the possible causes of peeling gel polish.
So, why does the gel polish peel off on the nails?


To begin with it is necessary to tell that qualitatively executed covering by a gel varnish should be worn without chips and exfoliations till 3 weeks irrespective of the manufacturer. But only if you follow the rules of application, the coating does not deform, does not change color, and does not begin to peel off in a couple of days. If you have a sock, it is worth looking for reasons for detachment. All of them can be divided into 2 large groups:
- due to incorrect application technique
- or due to the peculiarities of the body and, in particular, the nail plate.


1. The pterygium has not been removed. The most important reason is poor treatment of the cuticle area and poor removal of pterygium, which actually leads to the departure of the coating in this place. If you do not remove the pterygium before applying the base for gel polish, then when wearing such a manicure in the home, it gets wet, which leads to the rejection of the base from the nail plate.

2. No primer applied. Before applying the base according to the technology - the nail plate is first degreased, then the primer is applied. Primer is an excipient that helps to bond the natural surface of the nail with the artificial substance - the base. Applying a primer is necessary when working with any materials, and neglect of them can lead to peeling of the gel varnish.

3. Poor degreasing of nails is a problem for beginners. Some use nail polish remover, which is fundamentally contraindicated.

4. Insufficient drying of each layer. This is especially true of low-power lamps. Always refer to the manufacturer's advice on the drying time of the material for each lamp power variant and its type

5. Undried primer or degreaser. May cause peeling. Checking with your finger whether it is dry or not is a bad idea, as you will nullify all the steps you have taken to degrease the nail. Look at the color changes - these products dry very quickly, no more than a minute.

6. Weak lamp power. Weak lamp power can also cause dehydration and, consequently, peeling. Therefore we recommend to use in work professional qualitative LED lamps with power not less than 36 W. (On our site there is an article «How to choose a lamp for a manicure? Let's understand the nuances!» it can be useful).

7. The material is too thick. If even one of the layers (top, color or base) you have applied too thick, it can also provoke peeling.

8. Improper application of gel varnish. If when applying the gel polish, it flows under the side rollers and the cuticle, then peeling can not be avoided.

9. Poor quality materials or a combination thereof. This point is very conditional, as almost any gel polish lasts perfectly for at least two weeks, provided that the coating technique is observed. Always use only quality materials, online store Global Fashion provides such an opportunity.
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1. Fragility of nails. Brittle nails can reduce the wear time of the coating which shortens the wear time of the coating. For example, due to the fragility of the tip of the nail broke, and you decided to file or cut it to make a smooth shape. In this case, the edge of the nail will no longer be sealed, and there is a high probability of chipping at the end.

2. Moisture of hands and nails. Some people have drier nails, some, on the contrary, have a problem of hydration - excess moisture. This problem is solved by a more «powerful» primer or double application of the base. For reliability, such a tool is applied to the ends of the nails.

3. The nails are very soft. On soft nails, the gel polish is quite difficult to apply, respectively, you should first carry out the strengthening procedure. Here the problem is solved quite simply - you are prescribed a procedure to strengthen the nails under the gel polish, and that's it!

4. The presence of stripes, furrows, bumps and other deformations that violate the surface of the nail. In this case, the coating can really peel off quickly, if you do not use special means for gel varnish. It's also easy to fix - pre-align the nails under the gel polish.

5. Internal diseases of the body. These are: hormonal disorders, diseases of the nervous system, diabetes, disorders of the immune system, antibiotics or surgery that reduce the duration of wearing gel polish. These are all risk factors that should be considered if all other causes are excluded.


Following a few simple rules will help the gel polish last a long time.

1. Before covering the nail with gel polish, be sure to do a manicure. It will prepare the nail. It is not recommended to use baths for nails, it is better to choose a dry edging type or a European manicure. Such techniques are designed to protect the nail from excess moisture, which manifests itself in a negative way when the nail plate comes into contact with materials.
2. In the process of covering the nail it is inadmissible to touch it with your hands. Microparticles can get on the degreased plate and subsequently lead to deformation of the coating.
3. After finishing the manicure, it is not recommended to immediately go to wash dishes or do cleaning. It is better to postpone such cases to the next day.
4. It is not necessary to file the grown-up nails independently. Thus the integrity of the sealed end face is broken, moisture and air get under a covering.
5. It is necessary to treat carefully stay in places with the increased humidity. Frequent visits to the solarium or sauna can cause the varnish to crack quickly enough.

Now that you know why gel polish peels off, you should also not forget that a lot depends on the quality of the materials used, so to avoid peeling the coating, try to use proven and quality brands! Online store Global Fashion provides only quality materials.

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