French manicure. Symbol of femininity

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French words can often be heard in Russian, and in different spheres, salad «olivie», cake «napoleon» instead of «thank you», French «mersi», and how many songs with «je t'aime». Niall sphere also did not remain without French, to be more precise, the famous manicure «french» - the whole world knows it! In our time, and even 30 years ago, French manicure has enjoyed and is very popular. It is considered a versatile design option for a classic manicure. After all, it contains shades that suit any «look», clothes and even mood. We can say that French manicure is a symbol of eternal beauty and femininity. We are sure that you do not know all the subtleties of such a popular manicure, so we have prepared a material that will reveal all the «zest» of your favorite «jacket».


Classical. This is the laconic appeal of naturalness. When applied, the nail plate is covered with a bed base (most often beige, pink or peach), and the tip of the nail is painted white. The basis for creating such a manicure can be both a natural nail and an extended one with gel, gel polish, acrylic, or using tips. This option is great for medium-length nails.

American. This type of jacket does not require drawing a smile line, that is, the color of the tip smoothly turns into the color of the base. It can be performed with any shape of the nail, but most often the American jacket is made on sharp or square nails. It differs from the classic version in the richness of colors (not only white and beige-pink).

Fan-french. A popular type of manicure, in which the very tip of the nail plate is decorated, but not its body itself. In fact, this is a French manicure the other way around, when the bed is painted in a dark shade and the edges are light.

Stained glass jacket. When creating it, the tip of the nail is extended with acrylic or colored gel. A nail decorated using the stained glass technique is often decorated with glitter or acrylic.

French Millennium. The tip of the nail is decorated with sparkling dusting and sparkles. A smooth transition from the sparkling tip to the rest of the nail plate is also possible.

Art French. Designer interpretations with foil, lace or free edge stickers. A distinctive feature of this type of French manicure is the presence of a bright pattern and shiny jewelry. Often, the drawing is applied only to the ring finger.

Openwork jacket. In this case, delicate lace-like patterns cover the nail plates.

Colored jacket. In such a manicure, any other color gel polish is used instead of white.
Note: Surely you managed to notice that each manicure is interesting in its own way, the choice is yours, but you should take into account the fact that it should be harmoniously combined with the general style.


The french has a huge number of advantages.
- with a jacket, extended nails look natural.
- always remains in fashion.
- allows you to experiment, select designs and decor in accordance with your desires.
- fits and preserves the natural beauty of both natural and extended nails.
- practical and has a beautiful and neat appearance for a long time.
- the classic version, suitable for any outfit and makeup.
- suitable for any shape of marigold - square, oval, square-oval, semicircular.
- with a jacket, the nails acquire a healthy look and hide all the imperfections of the nail.
- absolutely universal.
- appropriate in all situations
- extremely easy to care for: it is enough to cover the nails with transparent varnish after a couple of days.
- ideal for leg manicure, especially in summer.
-French manicure is not striking, at the same time does not leave nails completely «naked».
- This type of manicure looks great with both tanned and pale hands.
This is interesting!: Did you know that the history of French manicure actually began in the USA. Its founder was the inventive Jeff Pink. It was he who invented the natural «smile» coating that every second girl wears these days.


It is known that a classic jacket can be done with the most common varnishes, stencils, but it will take a lot of time, while you draw, until it dries, a rather long process. Today, every second girl uses gel polish to create a manicure. It's easy and fast. You have some skills in the manicure industry and you decided not to spend money on expensive trips to the salon, but to do a manicure yourself. But of course, besides skills, you also need a number of materials and tools. Namely:
- Top finishing layer that provides not only bright shine, but also protection from abrasion and scratches.
- Camouflage (flesh or natural pink) gel polish for the area of ​​the nail bed and white for the free edge.
- Primer that degreases the nail plate and enhances the adhesion of keratin scales with artificial coating.
- Cleaner - liquid for removing the sticky layer.
- Stiff brush for washing out the smile line. A small petal is ideal.
- Cuticle oil. This composition will not only tighten the skin and make its contour more neat, but also have a beneficial effect on the growth of nails under the coating and their condition after removal.
- File for processing free edges and shaping them.
- Buff grinder to prepare the surface of the plate for coating.
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Color your nails and be always beautiful!

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