Popular nail shapes - 2021

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What girls do not do to always look beautiful and be a subject of charm. A beautiful haircut, perfume, fashion items, heels, accessories, and of course well-groomed nails. Well-groomed nails are not only a «point-to-point» chosen color of varnish, but also a well-chosen shape of nails, which plays an important role in a perfect manicure.

In this article, you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with nail shapes that hit the peak of popularity in 2021.

What form of nail manicure is trendy in 2021?

«What nails are in fashion now - long or short?» - this is probably the most frequently asked question. There is no definite answer to him, because both long and short nails have always been in fashion.

If we talk about short nails, then in 2021 the most popular shapes are oval and square. If we talk about a square shape, then these are smoothly smoothed, and not even corners.

«Square» Best of all, the square shape of the nails looks on thin fingers of any length. Square nails look one of the most durable of all shapes.

«Oval» This feminine nail shape will help make wide fingers look thinner and short fingers longer. In order to create this shape, you must use a boomerang file.

If we talk about long nails, then there is certainly a richer choice. In 2021, oval, almond, soft square, ballerina (coffin), and sharp stiletto nails for very long nails will become popular. You can read more about forms in our article: Forms for nail extension. Everything you need to know about them.

«Stiletto» The shape of the nails of the stylet will suit both long and thin toes and short ones. The most actual length of stiletto nails is long. Otherwise, you risk making your fingers visually thicker. In creating such a shape, the «dome» file is an ideal assistant.

«Almond» This shape looks perfect on long toes and is best for those with thin nail beds. The longer the almond nails are, the thinner the finger appears. The boomerang file is an assistant in creating this shape.

«Soft square»  Universal version. It looks very good on both short nails and toes and long ones. In 2021, the soft square is in vogue on long nails. Thanks to the boomerang file

«Ballerina» Due to the rather serious length, nails in the «ballerina» shape will make the fingers thinner and longer. To create such a rather complicated shape, it is best to use a coarse file.

You can read more about nail files in our article: «Nail files. An irreplaceable tool in every girl's cosmetic bag».

Beautiful nails are not only a well-chosen shape of nails, but also a beautiful color of nails. To find out which shades of gel polish will be fashionable in 2021, read our article: «Manicure gel polish. Trendy shades 2021-2022».

Remember, in addition to choosing the shape you like, we recommend choosing the most suitable one for your hands.

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