Website update for wholesale customers

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      Dear partners, we have made a lot of effort and now it has become much more convenient and faster to place a wholesale order on our website! We value your time and hope you will be satisfied!
      In the wholesale section, we have prepared a price list + order form for categories and groups of goods.
      How to quickly place a bulk order through the website?
After registering in the wholesale section, on our website you have access to all prices. You can download the price list of any category of goods you need, fill in the required quantity and upload it back to the site, in your personal account «Download the completed price list» then your entire order will be displayed in the basket on the site!

     You can also send an order by e-mail.
And there is an opportunity to «create your own price list» specify the necessary products, for example: gel, top, base, gel polish and so on. The site will create a price list for you in a couple of minutes!
     For all questions of interest, we are happy to answer and help you with the order! 
Published: 20.08.2021 14:41 Times Read: 339