Loose decor for nail design

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A well-groomed body, a toned figure, luxurious hair and a beautiful manicure are the main attributes of a modern girl. Since we are closely connected with the nail sphere, we will focus on ways to help achieve a beautiful manicure. One of the methods is nail decor, or in the modern nail industry it is also called nail art. You can decorate nails in different ways, there is more than enough decor at the current time: various materials, figures, rhinestones, loose decors, etc. In this article, we would like to focus on loose decor for nail design. What types are there and how not to get confused in different «bulk».


Velvet sand provides fine, medium and coarse powder. It looks like dust, semolina or very fine sugar. Depending on the choice of the shade of the background-substrate, the color of the manicure can vary from transparent to very bright. The decor can be used both independently - to completely cover the nail, or as a means to add volume to drawings and patterns.


Velvet sand is found in the following grindings:

- Small. This is nothing more than acrylic powder, ground to a dusty state.
- Average. The most common type of velvet sand. Medium grains of sand allow you to create a volumetric design, for example, knitted manicure or sugared nails.
- Large. Particles of such velvet sand stand out noticeably and create the effect of sugared nails.

Velvet sand comes in the following forms:

- White translucent. It is used to create a calm manicure that is not particularly striking.
- Colored. It can consist of only one shade or include several different colors. Colored sand can replace gel polish and is applied immediately to the base.
- With sequins. It is used both for small decoration and for full coverage of nails. Glitter sand creates a shimmery effect on the nails.

APPLICATION: The decor is applied to a dried layer of gel polish, gel paint or top, and then dried in a lamp.


Glitter  – This is a type of shimmering metallized particles made of paper or colored foil, differing in shape and size. There is also glitter - dust - glitter crushed to a state of flour. Glitter can be classic shiny or holographic. The holographic glitter in the light gives a multi-colored overflow.

Glitters are found in the following grindings:

- Small.
- Very small.
- Medium large.
- Foil in different geometric shapes
- round, square, stars, ovals, etc.
- Mix of different sizes of fractions in one solution.

Glitters come in the following forms:

- Colored - these are glitter made of colored metallized film, without overflow. Bright, saturated colors.
- Holographic - glitter from a metallized film with a prismatic effect, the particles shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. The holographic glitter in the light gives a multi-colored overflow.
- Iridescent - a series of iridescent glitters in delicate shades with a pearl-like effect.
- Neon - glitters, glowing in the ultraviolet, also differ in bright, «acidic» colors.


NOTE: In addition to loose giterra, there is also liquid glitter. It is nothing but a transparent nail polish with large glitters.

APPLICATION: It is convenient to apply glitter on top of a not yet dried layer of varnish or gel polish, or on top of a not yet dried top layer. Be sure to seal the glitter layer again with top in this case.

The glitter is poured onto the coated nail with a pusher, an inverted training tip with a pen or brush. The easiest option is to simply dip your painted nail into the texture. Further, it is convenient to use a brush to remove the remnants of sparkles along the perimeter of the nail, from the surface of the plate, while gently distributing the excess in the areas of «bald spots».


Pigment is a highly concentrated powder that is designed to give nails an original color scheme. The pigment is great for creating unusual design elements on the nails. The pigment is not used on its own, but is used as an element that enhances the effect.


The pigment comes in the following forms:

- Colored - a pigment with delicate tints.
- Shimeric - a pigment that will add shine to the nails.
- Fluorescent - a pigment that glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
- Magnetic - able to mimic the effect of a cat's manicure.
- Neon - bright color pigment.
- Chameleon is a pigment with multicolored tints.

APPLICATION: The pigment is applied to a dried layer of gel polish with a sticky layer. A small amount of pigment is poured onto the surface, after which it is rubbed with an applicator, sponge or finger. Overlapped with a top.


Shavings for nail design are material in the form of dry small particles of an elongated shape that resemble straws. A manicure with this decor is always unique.

Shavings are:
 - Colored - can only consist of different colors.
- Metallized - with delicate color tints.

APPLICATION: It is necessary to dust the top with shavings before drying in the lamp. Also, shavings are added to gels during the modeling process or when creating an aquarium design.


Yuki flakes - «Yuki» is translated from Japanese as «snow» - it looks like large flakes of snow, fragile and weightless. Yuki flakes are the thinnest plates of pigment of various shapes and sizes that can be neatly laid on the nail without spoiling their shape, but can be rubbed into dust with a light movement. Yuki flakes have a holographic multicolored effect. Yuki flakes are a type of rub.

APPLICATION: Yuki flakes are applied to the sticky layer of gel polish with a brush, orange stick or finger. After the flakes are evenly distributed, the design is covered with a top and consecutively needs to be dried in a lamp.


Rubbing is a type of pigment. The decor is a powder that creates a mirror effect on the nails. The decorative coating is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, moisture and other external factors.

Rubbing is in the following forms:

- Mirror - with a metallic effect, it is also called chrome or superchrome is the most popular. Mirror powder resembles cold polished steel for a chic sheen. Its feature is an even shiny coating with metallic overflows in one color, without transitions. It interrupts the color of the base and can be applied to both dark and light backgrounds.

- Pearl is a fine powder with sparkles, which, when rubbed into the nail, shimmers and sparkles like pearls. The rubbing is white with a characteristic pearl sheen, or it can contain light pigments of blue, green, pink, creating colored highlights. This rubbing looks unique on a light base. The rub can be used for wedding and casual designs.

- Yuki Flakes - This rub consists of larger particles. Yuki flakes are small particles that have a holographic multi-colored effect.

APPLICATION: Rub for nails must be applied to the sticky layer. Using the correct base fully affects the quality of the manicure. Of course, the correct technology is also reflected in the result.



Glitters are small reflective plates that, when exposed to light, have a shimmering effect. There are monochrome or holographic sequins in different shapes and sizes. Glitter can be used to create the most mesmerizing nail designs.

Sequins come in the following large forms:

- Dry
ones are usually sold in jars or sachets. Such sequins can be used as a stand-alone item. Dry glitter is applied to a wet coating, for gluing, it can be fixed on top with a colorless varnish.


- Wet is usually glitter or glitter varnish. These are shimmery particles that are blended and ready to be applied with a varnish brush. Glitters for nails differ from varnish in density, in which shiny details are a thick gruel. Covering with a fixer in this case is only required if the elements are very large.


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