Gel paint. Its features

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One of the important indicators that a girl is well-groomed is, of course, the condition of her hands and nails. A beautiful and stylish manicure is a complement to well-groomed nails. To achieve such a result, constant work is required not only through accompanying means, but also professional tools. Modern gel nail paints open up almost endless possibilities for nail extension and design, even if they are not too long or thin. You probably already guessed that our article is about gel - paints. Read on and discover something new.


Gel paint is a hybrid of nail gel and regular varnish. Gel paint for nails is sold, as a rule, in jars without brushes. Less commonly in tubes. In terms of composition, paint for nail design is similar to a traditional gel polish for design purposes only, not for modeling purposes. It is a transparent liquid with a rather viscous consistency and dense pigmentation. Its color scheme is very diverse, ranging from rich, bright colors for a special occasion, and ending with delicate pastel colors for a discreet everyday.


The advantages of gel paint are many. See for yourself.

- Brightness. Possesses excellent saturation. For a full effect, one layer is enough.
- Color palette. Has a large color palette.
- Thick consistency. Prevents the composition from spreading or drying quickly.
- Homogeneity. Providing an even distribution of the active ingredient.
- Persistence. Demonstrates good long term durability - at least two to three weeks.
- Surface. Creates a pleasant surface in a contrasting color.
- Easy to work. Easy to mix, allowing you to create an exclusive palette of shades and apply unique artistic techniques to draw even the smallest detail.
- Universality. The material can be used in any decor - from a jacket and monograms to a full-fledged Chinese painting of a flat or volumetric type.
- Polymerization. The product dries only after polymerization, which means that the design can be adjusted before drying.
- Economic consumption. It is economically consumed and has a long shelf life.
- Ability to experiment. It is possible to mix different colors to obtain a unique shade.

Disadvantages of gel paint

As you can see, gel paint has a huge number of advantages. But such an interesting product has its own minor drawbacks.

- Short nails. It is inconvenient to use on thin nails, as gel paint does not provide them with additional strength.
- Removal. It is not possible to remove the head paint with special fluids; either files or a router will be needed.


Nail paints are classified into two main categories:

1. With the presence of a sticky layer, which is used in the technique of manicure casting. After applying paint, you need to carefully print the matte side of the foil on the nail. After a sharp tear off due to the stickiness of the gel paint, unusual patterns will appear on the nail.
2. No sticky layer - ideal for traditional thin finishes or original murals, patterned art paintings and French manicures.


Many people always confuse these space vehicles, or think that they are one and the same. In fact, there is a colossal difference between them.

- Persistence. The susceptibility to chips is less for gel paints than for gel varnishes.
- Pigment. To obtain a bright color, varnishes need to be applied a couple of times, and paints in just one layer. This is due to the concentration of pigments in both products - there is much more of it in gel paint, even several times higher.
- Structure. Gel polishes are denser and more viscous, it is difficult to work with them because of this. With gel paints, on the contrary: they are malleable due to their fluid structure, and the liquid consistency allows them to be used for various decorative purposes.
- Removal. Gel-paints cannot be removed with any solvent, unlike gel-varnishes.


When choosing gel paint, pay attention to its following characteristics:
- Fast curing paints are preferred.
- It should not spread over the nail, this will help preserve the pattern until polymerization.
- A beautiful, rich palette of colors that will make your fantasies come true.
- Is it possible to create lines of any thickness with gel, including thin ones.
- Make sure the gel does not contain harmful ingredients. All ingredients are of natural origin and contribute to the growth of healthy nails.
Modern stores offer a huge variety of paints for nail design, so you need to be able to choose them, taking into account the durability of the future coating and its reliable performance properties.

Most often, manufacturers who have proven themselves on the positive side sell the product in special branded tubes, with an approximate volume of 5 ml, with a varied color palette.
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Always treat your nails with care!

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