Bakes gel polish when drying in a lamp: reasons and solutions

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Today, every second girl resorts to nail extension techniques. I did it once and walk freely for three weeks with a beautiful manicure. There are sometimes problems with this technique. One of them is when the gel polish bakes in the lamp while drying. At the same time, the stove can be both base and top even after several layers of gel polish. There may be several reasons for this, so let's figure it out.


1. He layer of gel polish (base or top) is too thick. The larger the layer, the more heat will be generated during drying.

2. Colorless or transparent material. Often, the base bakes more gel polish, not only because it is applied directly to the nail, but also because there is no pigment in it. This happens because the pigment contained in the color gel polish prevents the rapid penetration of rays through the material - the reaction is slower and less heat is generated.

3. The lamp is very powerful. The more intensely the lamp acts on the material, the faster the reaction occurs, which can also lead to a burning sensation. Here you need to know the balance and buy the right gel polish lamps. Usually 36 watts is enough for UV. (there is an article on our website «How to choose a lamp for a manicure? Let's deal with the nuances!», it can be useful).

4. The nail plate is thinned. If immediately before the nails were coated with gel polish, they were removed, and it did not go very well - the nails were sawn off (typical for removing gel polish with a file), then you may feel a burning sensation a little stronger than usual, since the nail layer has become thinner and the capillaries are sensitive under it intensified.

5. Sensitive customer. Everyone has different organisms, so everything is individual here.

6. There are brands whose materials are very hot. Always buy products from trusted brands only. For example, in the online store Global Fashion.


1. Apply a thin layer of gel polish. This also applies to the base with the top.
2. For sensitive nails, reduce the power of the lamp if possible.
3. Always use a base for gel polish. And if the problem is in it, then you can try to replace it with a camouflage base: it is not entirely transparent, which, as we have already found out, slows down the heating process.
4. For sensitive and thinned nails, you can advise either to restore them, or to apply gel polish well, very thin, just in more layers.


The main thing is NOT TO ENDURE - this way you can earn a burn!

1. Take your hand out of the lamp, but do not wave it, so as not to damage the gel polish layer.
2. Try to keep your hand close to the lamp at this time so that the rays still fall a little on the nail plate and the gel polish does not wrinkle.
3. For very severe burning, press your fingers against something cold.
4. Once the burning sensation has passed, return your hand to the lamp. As a rule, the second time such a sensation does not come.
5. If the base coat is applied not in one layer, but in two thin layers and dried twice, respectively, the baking will be much less.
6. Use instead of a transparent base, camouflage, now they are presented in a fairly large number of different shades.
7. Just give the nails a rest, do not apply the coating for a while, do their strengthening, use restorative varnishes, drink vitamins and calcium, so that they strengthen and become stronger, as a result the burning sensation will be much less.

We hope this article was helpful to you. We recommend visiting our online store Global Fashion. Here you can find only high-quality and proven products.

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