Can or cassette wax melter: which is better?

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Every modern girl struggles with unwanted body hair. Oh, how they grow inappropriately! But, what can you do, since they exist, then you need to eliminate them. Previously, girls used the simplest and most versatile method like a razor. Now this method is also relevant, but this pleasure lasts for 2-3 days, and then again you have to «fight» with unwanted hairs. At the current time, there are various procedures for removing excess hair, for example, removal with a wax heater.

You have the information that there are different types of bobbins on the market. The main ones are cassette and canned ones. But how to make the right choice and not miss? Read our article and take note!


Individual qualities: 

- Powered by the mains, the wax heater heats its contents to the required temperature and this takes no more than a quarter of an hour.
- Thanks to the cassette roller applicator ensures even and smooth application of wax to the skin.
- A cartridge is a closed container with a dispenser. This design feature helps to avoid spills, leaks, and wasted content.
- The wax softens the pores on the skin.
- The procedure is practically painless and there is little or no redness.
- Wax cartridges have different attachments for applying the substance to large and small areas of the skin.
- Minimal risk of skin burns with thin application of wax
- Miniature cassette wax heater for easy travel
- Low cost and compact design - ideal for beginners.

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Some features: 

- There are different models of cassette wax heaters: with or without a base, as well as a model with a base for two wax melts at once, which is used to speed up the procedure. When cooling wax in one - just take the second from the base!
- When choosing a wax heater without a base, do not forget that the wire attached to it will interfere a little during depilation.
- When depilating with a cassette-type wax heater, use cartridges that fit tightly into the device, otherwise the wax may leak.
- Cassette wax (cartridge) is more suitable for home use.

NOTE: It must be remembered that depilatory wax is applied only to dry skin. If the body is wet, then it stretches, the strips are difficult to tear off, the hairs are not completely removed. In such cases, a good result cannot be achieved. You need to let the skin dry well and repeat the procedure again.
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Individual qualities: 

- Allows you to immediately melt a large amount of wax (400-800 ml) - it is convenient to use both for salon procedures and at home, but at home it is used less often.
- In some models, you can even change the heating level of the material. This makes it possible to use wax from any manufacturer.
- Maintains the temperature of the heated wax for a long time - no need to heat it up again.
- Easy to control heating. 


Some features: 

- The price of a canned wax heater is usually higher in comparison with other models, therefore it is better to give preference to it if this is not your first time depilation.
- Canned wax melters are larger than cassette ones, so this option can be safely chosen if you are going to carry out the procedure only at home or in a beauty parlor.
- Depilation technology using a canned wax melter can entail some difficulties, since you need to use a brush, spatula and a metal holder.
- Canned wax melters are mainly intended for professional use and are often found by masters in beauty salons.

TIP: If you decide to buy a wax heater for depilation, it is recommended to do so in trusted beauty stores that provide a guarantee for these devices. 

Which wax heater to choose will certainly depend on your individual preferences. But remember that your skin should always be soft and free of extra hairs! 

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