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That day has come! A day of romance, flowers, plush toys and manifestations of tenderness! On Valentine's Day, loving halves try not to limit themselves only to gentle words, and of course, spoil their loved ones with gifts. After all, whatever the gift, if presented with love, then it is the best.
On such a momentous day, GLOBAL FASHION also decided to go beyond gentle words. The fact that our clients are the best and most beloved has long been known and relevant at all times. In addition to words, we have prepared «LOVE ACTION»!
We decided to please you as much as possible, so to speak «in full force» to extend the holiday and make it more impressive!
Therefore, our «LOVE ACTION» is a DISCOUNT - 14% from 10 to 14 February 2021!
* The discount is valid for any product when ordering online from the site www.globalfashion.ru and social networks @ globalfashion.ru. 
**It is worth noting that prices on the site will not change, but when assembling an order, we will recalculate the amount for you, taking into account the DISCOUNT!
Well, what are you ready to give and receive love ?! 
Published: 09.02.2021 16:10 Times Read: 3098