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Well-groomed and beauty will always be in fashion. These two phenomena are common for both girls and men. But for men everything is much simpler, got up in the morning, washed, shaved, put on the same T-shirt and the same pants as yesterday, and went to work. But the girls had a lot of questions and dilemmas «it was not there» : What to wear today? What hairstyle to do? How to make up? And there are many more «what?» and «how?». Body care is an integral part of every woman's daily ritual. Particular attention is paid to hand and nail care. It is difficult to put on the image of a modern girl without well-groomed and neat nails with gel polish manicure. Today, with its amazing properties, gel polish has become an «idol»  for both masters and clients of nail salons. And this is not surprising, because it is so convenient, beautiful and high quality.
It's not for nothing that we praise this amazing tool as gel polish. We want to provide you with interesting facts about him, and we are sure that after that you will love him even more.

Gel polish. Varieties

Gel polish is a combined material for creating decorative manicure, consisting of regular nail polish and modeling gel. The combination of the properties of these two materials in one allows you to create an ideal decorative surface on the nails.

Types of gel varnishes

The main types of gel varnishes:

Plain - classic colored coatings.

Camouflage - the most natural and natural colors, close to the skin tone: nude, peach, pinkish.

With a shimmer - in other words, these are gel polishes with glitters. Manufacturers experiment and add glitters of all kinds of colors and sizes to gel polishes. In our online store there is a chic novelty - Diamond Ball gel polish. You will definitely shine with it!

«Cat's eye» is a gel polish that contains the smallest metal particles. Thanks to this, with the help of a special magnet, you can set the direction of the particles and create an iridescent pattern.

Watercolor - with their help, you can create the effect of soft watercolor transitions between colors. These gel polishes have a special texture.

Stained glass are gel polishes with a translucent texture that allow you to create designs in the style of mosaic glass, aquamanicure.

Thermo is a gel polish that changes color depending on the ambient temperature.

Chameleon - this gel polish contains particles that react to changes in lighting. It changes color when exposed to light.

Luminescent - gel polishes that glow under neon or ultraviolet lighting.
These are the main types of gel polishes, in fact, there are even more types.
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Benefits of gel polish

1. Strengthening. Unlike extensions, which were in demand several years ago, when coated with gel polish, the nail plate does not undergo modeling and does not become heavier. Brittle nails become stronger and grow better.

2. Fast drying. Gel polish hardens on nails in just a matter of seconds. This is very valuable in the modern rhythm of life: leaving the salon, you can be sure that nothing will harm your manicure.

3. Persistence. The gel coat remains flawless for 2-3 weeks. However, even after a month, chips may not form. However, it is imperative to remove gel polish: the overgrown coating looks unaesthetic.

4. Versatility. Gel polish looks natural and beautiful on nails of any length, which cannot be said about false or extended nails.

5. It is possible to make manicure with gel-varnish not only in salons, but also at home.

6. Everyone can master the technique of gel application. First of all, you will need to buy manicure kits. Before a manicure, you should always do a high-quality trim or hardware manicure. For hardware manicure, you need to buy a manicure cutter. And, of course, buying a UV lamp is the main task. Without it, you will not be able to create a bright and stylish manicure with gel polish. (on our site there are articles «Manicure milling cutter. Nail art assistant», «How to choose a lamp for manicure? Let's deal with the nuances!»).

7. Affordable price. The cost is quite consistent with the effect you get.
Note: No need to chase cheap gel polish. The price can be reduced because the master is training, which means there is a risk that the work will be done inaccurately. In addition, a possible reason for the low cost is poor quality coverage. Cheap gel polish can damage your nails and change their color. Therefore, always buy only professional gel polish! For example, in our online store it's real!

What should not be done after applying gel polish?

In order for the coating to be worn for the entire prescribed period without chips and detachments, you must follow some rules:
- During the first day, you must refrain from paraffin therapy and visits to the sauna, bath.
- Also, during the first days after application, prolonged water procedures should be avoided. For example, taking a hot bath or going to the pool.
- You cannot pick the nail plate.
- Avoid mechanical damage: banging with nails, opening cans with them, etc.
- Household work with chemicals or detergents must be carried out with household gloves, as aggressive components in these products can ruin the coating.
Note: To find out in more detail what shades of gel polishes will be fashionable in 2021-2022, read our article.

How to choose a gel polish?

It should be noted right away that the durability of a manicure does not depend on gel polish, but on a good preparation of the nail plate for coating and correctly selected base and top coat.
You can find out how to choose a base and a top in the articles on our website «Base for nails. All the subtleties», «Top for gel polish. What is it for?».

What to look for when choosing a gel polish:

1. Density. It is worth noting that the liquid material will have to be covered in several layers, and the thicker one can be covered in one layer.

2. The shape of the brush. There are fan and square brushes. Some brands have longer brushes, others shorter. It all depends on your preferences.

3. Heck it out! Before buying a gel polish, be sure to check the brush for defects! Sometimes brush hairs can stick out in different directions or be absent altogether.

4. Pigmentation. Well-pigmented gel polishes have a denser texture and most often lie in 1 layer. But it is worth noting that for such gel polishes, a polymerization lamp with a power of at least 48 watts is required. Lamps with a lower power, for example 24 W, will not work - the coating simply will not dry out and shrink.

5. Smell. Some gel polishes have a pungent chemical smell, while others, on the contrary, have a pleasant fragrance.

6. The volume of the bottle. When choosing a gel polish, be sure to pay attention to the volume of the bottle. At the same cost, the volume of some gel polishes may be less, while others may be larger.

7. Composition and hypoallergenicity of the coating. If you are allergic or afraid of allergies, then get hypoallergenic gel polishes.
Note: Buy gel polish from professional stores.

And finally, a few subtleties about gel polish.

Subtleties of gel polish

Did you know that gel polish:
- Does not spoil the nail plate, even with regular use.
- Has a protective function, which not only protects nails from the influence of external factors, but also strengthens them, and heals, if necessary.
- Manicure gel polish can be done for pregnant and lactating women. The coating applied to the dead keratinized surface of the nail plate does not in any way allow harmful substances to enter the body.
- For a manicure with gel polish, it will take 90 minutes. Coating with gel polish takes only 30 minutes of your time.
- It is recommended to change the gel polish every 14 days. With a longer wear of the manicure, the gel polish adheres very firmly to the nail plate (practically grows into it), which leads to difficulties during its removal.
- Manicure with gel polish is not a reason to give up the daily care of your hands and nails. Even with a manicure on your nails, use moisturizers and nourishing products for your hands and cuticles.
- Long-term gel polish is not recommended in the presence of fungal diseases of the nails and dermatological diseases of the skin of the hands.
- The composition of gel polishes is hypoallergenic and does not contain toxic substances.
- Gel polish does not have a sharp and unpleasant odor, therefore, no toxic fumes during the gel polish manicure procedure are terrible.
On a note! MYTH - gel polish spoils nails, makes them thin and brittle. The gel polish itself does not affect the nail plate in any way. It can deteriorate only if the material is applied and removed incorrectly, as well as if the owner of the manicure picks the coating.

We hope that this information was extremely accessible to you. Always be beautiful!

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