Manicure milling cutter: what spoils it and how to solve the problem

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A manicure milling cutter, or as it is also called, a vacuum cleaner, for a manicure is the main tool in the creation of hardware manicure and pedicure. This super machine is able to work wonders, with the help of which the creation of a manicure will take much less time. But unfortunately, sometimes the craftsmen devote very little time to caring for the device - as a result, breakdowns and expensive replacement. How to avoid breakage of the nail cutter and keep money in your pocket? You will find the answer in this article.


Problem: The handle is too hot. The most obvious reason is misuse.
Solution: If you use the device at high speeds for a long time, then the rotor overheats later and the mechanism itself may melt, so you need to give the device «rest». If this did not help, then the point is in the bearings: they are either defective, or not suitable for operation at high speeds, or were incorrectly installed when replacing the handle. Remember, bearings are a consumable item that needs to be replaced! Having worked with lubricated bearings, you risk to say goodbye to the handle forever. Do not spare money for more expensive and high-quality materials, this will save you a lot of money on repairs in the future.

Problem: Vibration in the handle when using the cutter. Vibration when working with poorly centered cutters, i.e. curved cutters
Solution: Cutters often become crooked after falling, long-term use, and they are also destroyed by the action of disinfectants and sterilization at high temperatures. Therefore, always check the cutters before purchasing them to avoid unpleasant situations.

Problem: The cutters are tightly inserted into the handle or not pulled out at all. This can be corrosion in the collet or improper operation.
Solution: Corrosion in the collet. Quite often, craftsmen wipe the router handle with disinfectants. Since all products are water-based, they get inside and the handle starts to rust. To avoid this, do not wipe the mechanisms with alcohol. Incorrect operation. It is not recommended to snap on or store the handpiece for a long time without a cutter.

Problem: There is an incomprehensible noise during the operation of the device, a sound that was not there before. Here the problem lies in two cases: Bearing wear or a foreign object has got into the handle.
Solution: Bearing wear. Bearings are consumable items that need to be replaced. The appearance of metallic noise is the result of disturbances in their work.
A foreign object has fallen into the handle. Items falling into the handle are hair and gloves, so it is important to observe safety precautions during work:
- work in overalls and goggles, hair is tucked under a headdress.
- the working area must be well lit.
- work on processing the nail plate should be carried out with the manicure vacuum cleaner turned on.
- before starting work, it is better to make sure that all buttons and switches are working properly.

Problem: Loss of handle power, jerks during work.
Solution: The reasons for this problem lie in the malfunctioning of the micromotor cable, collector brushes and speed controller. Therefore, in this case, it is better to refer the equipment to a specialized service center.

Remember that the «life» of your device is directly dependent on how you take care of it. Do not pass by a few rules, it will help in preserving the device for a long time.

Rule number 1: Regular cleaning of the device from sawdust. Sawdust penetrates everywhere and clogs everything. The wear of the moving parts increases, the apparatus starts to warm up, the bearings wear out much faster. There are masters who have been working with the same apparatus for 8-10 years, the secret lies in the fact that every six months they hand over the handpieces for cleaning.

Rule number 2: How often to clean the manicure machine. Everything is individual. Depends on procedures and workload. On average, when the device is in the salon and 4-6 clients a day, the device needs cleaning every six months. And so it is necessary to monitor the operation of the apparatus, «listen» to it. If it has become stronger than usual to warm up or make noise, it is urgent to clean it.

Rule number 3: Where to clean the manicure machine? In specialized centers in your city. Remember! Do not under any circumstances do the cleaning yourself, you can cause even more damage to your device. 


- do not press on the foot during the hardware procedure. You will not only injure your skin, but also damage the device. If the handle bends, the machine will become unusable. It will have to be repaired.
- change nozzles according to the rules described in the instructions. Do not use foreign objects to loosen and remove the cutters, otherwise damage the clamp.
- after each use, clean the attachments from particles of nails and skin.
- store brushes and cutters in a dry and dust-proof case specially designed for this.
- regularly carry out technical inspection of the device. Adjust, clean, replace worn and damaged attachments.

Always take care of your device regularly, and then the work will be at your own pleasure and for the client, and you will also save your time and money for unnecessary repairs.

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