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The beauty of a woman's nails is one of the main indicators that she is well-groomed. Today it is difficult to imagine the representatives of the soft sex without a manicure, so nail service is a promising section in the beauty industry. The nail service does not stand on the meta, new methods for manicure regularly appear using special tools and equipment. Let's talk about them in more detail.


Apparatus for manicure. Today, for processing cuticles, they use less and less classical trimming with tweezers or scissors, preference is given to a special machine for a dry procedure, it is also called a manicure cutter. Hardware manicure, more delicate and neat, with its help not only treat the cuticle, but shape and polish the nail plate. The device is miniature and has many attachments for various manipulations. (read more about the manicure machine in our article).

Lamp for nails. In building and long-term coating of nails, LED lamps (powered by LEDs) are actively used. (on our site there is an article about nail lamps containing interesting information).

Sterilizer for instruments. It is hard to imagine the work of a nail salon without equipment for sterilizing and storing instruments. The new generation sterilizers have a number of functions that reduce instrument processing time and improve the efficiency of the procedure. (read more about sterilization of instruments here).

Manicure hood. It is known that in the process of manicure a lot of sawdust accumulates, and this directly harms the health of the master and the client. And to avoid harm to the respiratory tract, a manicure hood is used. It is designed to collect dust during nail correction and extension. (read a lot of interesting things about manicure hoods here).


Modern trends in nail extension are obvious: the consumer wants the extended nails to be as close to natural as possible in shape, thickness, and even length.

Gel is a one-component material that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Gels can be liquid, for modeling nails, and solid (3D gels), for creating volumetric design elements. Also, the gels are divided into three-phase (the base layer is designed for the best adhesion of the artificial material to the nail, the design layer is to create the body of the nail, the final layer is to give the nail a glossy shine and protection from mechanical damage), two-phase (one gel is basic and constructive, the second is the finish -shine) and single-phase (use of one preparation for all stages of building). (about nail extension with gel, read here).

Acrylic is a material that is obtained by the reaction of powder (polymer) and a special liquid (monomer), which polymerize under the influence of air. According to the owners and managers of beauty industry enterprises, modeling with acrylic is not in demand among clients due to the pungent smell of the material and dust that is formed as a result of washing down the artificial nail and settles on the mucous membranes of the master and the client. (about nail extension with acrylic, read here).


Various tools are used in the nail service:

Shaping file. Optimum abrasiveness (hardness) - from 180 to 400 grit. The hardest ones are used if the nails are extended.
Scissors. There are several types: for the free edge of the nail, for the cuticle and universal.
Buff for polishing plates. A quadrangular tool, each side of which has its own degree of rigidity.
Orange sticks with which the cuticle is moved away from the nail plate.


Gel polish can give any shade to nails. There are a huge number of gel polishes on the market, from nude shades to the brightest. There are also various patterns, sequins, pebbles that will give your manicure a peculiarity and an interesting look. (find out the subtleties of gel polish in our article).


In the autumn-winter period, paraffin therapy procedures are very popular. This is another classic service that can be integrated into any treatment for natural nails and skin of hands and feet. Paraffin is one of the four hydrocarbons found in petroleum. In the manicure and pedicure area, highly refined paraffin is used, to which manufacturers often add essential oils, plant extracts, clay, algae and other components to enhance the therapeutic and cosmetic effects.
During paraffin therapy, the skin temperature rises by 1–2 degrees and, as a result, deep hydration and removal of toxins. When solidified, the volume of paraffin is significantly reduced, which contributes to increased trophism and tissue regeneration. (read about paraffin therapy in our article, well, a very useful article).
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