Eyelash extensions - a starter kit

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Courses on «eyelash extensions» are behind, the whole theory has already been re-read, now the «start» of practice. You are a beginner «lashmaker», a beginner in this business, and on the one hand there is a kind of excitement «would rather start», and on the other hand, there are your fears «and suddenly something goes wrong» and nothing will happen. Of course, at the beginning of the journey, you will need basic materials for eyelash extensions, and in order to be more confident in buying everything you need, we have prepared for you a material that will definitely help you in choosing a starter kit for eyelash extensions.
So, let's understand what is better to buy at the start and why.

Eyelash preparation

1.Pads to protect the lower lashes. Pads must be used, they are necessary so that the upper lashes do not stick to the lower during the procedure. Experts advise to buy pillows without pile: they are more convenient in work. Another option is to use a special protective tape.

2.Degreaser. The degreasing agent, in addition to decorative cosmetics, removes the fat layer from the eyelashes, the remnants of caring cream, dust particles and epithelium. If they are not removed, the eyelashes will not last long.

3.Primer. It removes the remnants of fat, enhances the action of glue and accelerates its drying.
Note: Both the degreaser and the primer are applied to special sticks - «microbrushings».

Materials and tools

You need to buy straight and beveled.
The first is necessary to separate the eyelash base from the neighboring ones. The second for planting and removing artificial eyelashes.
The tweezers should be light, otherwise the hand will get tired and the build-up quality may suffer. When buying, make sure that the tips are sharp and well adjacent to each other. In this case, do not save: it is better to buy a quality tool for eyelash extensions at a higher price and work in comfort.

Each master must have in his work case several sets of eyelashes, which differ in thickness, type of bend and length. Depending on the type of build-up, a novice lash maker should make his own set.
- To obtain a natural effect, lashes with a diameter of 0.5 - 0.7 mm are used. With their help, you can create volumes, but they will look weightless and very natural.
- To mimic painted eyelashes, varieties with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.15 mm are used. They are suitable for clients who want to create an everyday image that does not attract too much attention to the eyes.
- Thicker eyelashes (0.18 - 0.25) can be stiff and cause discomfort, so they are used for short-term wear: for a photo shoot or a fashion party.
Eyelash curves are designed to create various effects and adjust the shape of the eyes.
Bend B - almost coincides with the shape of the «native» hairs and only emphasizes their beauty.
C and SS - create a twisting effect. In the SS species, it is more pronounced - the view is more open and expressive.
D - an even stronger curve, giving the look femininity. This variety is not suitable for any appearance, so use it carefully.
L - cilia curved closer to the edge, which allows you to visually increase the size of the eyes.

3. Glue and remover

When buying eyelash glue, pay attention to the speed of its drying. For a novice master, a super-quick-drying glue is unlikely to be suitable: if you do not have time to «plant» lashes, they will not last long.
The remover is used to remove eyelashes. The most convenient in work creamy and gel, thanks to texture do not get to eyes and do not irritate mucous. With a cream remover it is possible to remove eyelashes even with open eyes.
The liquid remover (debonder) is suitable for point removal and correction of eyelashes or cleaning of tools.

Additional materials

The starting set must also include:
- Stone for glue from jade or crystal.
- Brushes for combing.
- Disposable hats and masks.
- Disinfectants.
- Microbes.
- Glass for glue.
To buy professional materials for eyelash extensions, visit our online store. We do NOT work with handicrafts!

Here is a small professional minimum for the start. We hope that a hundred of your customers will be dragged from the beautiful lashes.

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