Acrylic nail extension. All the subtleties

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Shaking hands is an essential element in any meeting. Therefore, your hands should always be in perfect order. «Women's hands»  is a separate topic and very rich. Now, every second girl pays a lot of time and attention to her hands and nails. Various creams, procedures and, of course, a good manicure. In the event that girls do not have the natural strength and beauty of nails, they will always be helped by nail extension, which can be gel and acrylic.
In this article, we want to provide material about acrylic nail extension. So read and memorize.


Acrylic is a powder or powder that, with the help of a special solvent, turns into a thick, quickly solidifying mass.
Types of acrylic
Two forms are used for building and strengthening:

Liquid acrylic (suitable for those who want to correct the shape of the nail or add length. But liquid material is more difficult to use, and it is not easy for a layman to cope with it).

Loose powder (easier to use. It is often bought to do a manicure at home. It will not increase the length, but only make your nails less brittle).


Acrylic nail extension has been known in the beauty world for more than a dozen years. For a long time, it was the only reliable way to get strong long nails for a long time. Much later, extension gel appeared and displaced acrylic in the beauty industry.
Extension with acrylic is carried out in two ways:

To tips. plastic nails that stick to yours, and material is already applied to them.

On the forms. They are top and bottom. When using the upper forms, the acrylic must be fixed on the recess of the substrate, and then firmly pressed against the prepared nail plate. When using the lower molds, the substrate should be immediately fixed under the nail plate. (for more details about the forms for building, read our article).



Easy to remove. Acrylic nails are easy to remove. This requires only a special solution.
Bad habit. Acrylic nails will be a great solution for women who have the bad habit of nail biting - they are very strong and you will hardly be able to bite them off.
Strength. Acrylic nails are very durable, which is why gel polish and other decorative elements of nails hold on for a long time.
Brittle and weak nails. Acrylic nail extensions are ideal for women with weak and brittle nails.
Repairs. Acrylic nails need to be repaired.
Naturalness. Acrylic looks as natural as possible on nails if you choose natural shades of powder for extension.
Variety of structures and colors.


Bad smell. The smell arises when liquid, monomer is added to the powder. Therefore, it is necessary to do nail extension with acrylic only in well-ventilated rooms, preferably wearing a special respirator mask.
Correction. Every 3-4 weeks you will have to make a correction, which requires additional cash costs.
Fast drying composition. And this can really be a problem with a lack of experience with acrylic. So if you plan to use it at home, you should first practice to get used to it.
Note: The resin coating has a matte texture and may give a yellow tint when dry. Therefore, after strengthening, it is imperative to sand the nail and apply gel polish.


In order to create beautiful and neat nails, the master's arsenal should have the following materials:
- Acrylic Powder. Powder (colorless or colored) from which the artificial nail plate is formed.
- Monomer. A liquid that turns acrylic powder into a plastic material, from which the master creates a nail of the desired shape.
- Degreaser
- Means for softening and removing cuticles.
- Liquid for removing acrylic nails, in which you can wash brushes or remove traces of a failed nail design.
- Disinfector for processing the hands of the master and the client before the modeling procedure.

To create artificial nails, you will need not only materials, but also special tools.

- Brushes (flat) for working with acrylic.
- 2-3 different files - soft for natural nails, for artificial nails (100-180 grit), for sawdust on hard coatings (80-150 grit).
- Buffs and polisher.
- Glue for tips.
- Regular nail files for extended nails.
- Nippers.
- Brush for removing dust from nails.
- Lint-free napkins.
- Cuticle oil.
- Orange sticks.
- Milling cutter with attachments that will withstand working with acrylic.
- Materials for decorating nails (glitter, rhinestones, acrylic paints).
You can buy high-quality tools and materials for acrylic nail extension in our Global Fashion online store.

Remember, well-groomed nails are the key to beauty!

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