Extension of nails with gel. All the nuances

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Well-groomed hands and nails, beautiful manicure are the aspiration of every girl. In order to boast of «beautiful fingers», of course, it will not work out without a manicure. Therefore, now every girl tries to paint her nails regularly. Either it happens on its own, or visits to various salons. It will take a long time to do your own manicure, and it will not last long. Therefore, girls prefer gel nail extension - a popular cosmetic procedure for several years now. After all, the gel coating is comfortable, stylish and stays on the nails much longer than ordinary varnish. But of course, many people think about whether it is not dangerous to build up nails with gel, this is a product with different chemical components. In this article we will give several important arguments and try to answer the question of whether there is harm from gel nail extension.


Gel is a derivative of acrylic. A special substance that hardens under the influence of ultraviolet rays and forms a strong and durable layer. It has many advantages:
- the gel has no curing time, the process begins only when UV rays hit the material.
- all modern gels are hypoallergenic.
- practically odorless.
- both classic and color gels do not change color from the moment of building up to correction.
- very easy to file when correcting and removing nails.
- they are very flexible and have self-leveling properties.
- gels are durable in their properties, have a high degree of «adhesion» to natural nails.

Materials for gel nail extension are divided into several types. Namely: UV gel, biogel and Led gel.
Gel nail modeling systems are divided into one-, two- and three-phase.

Single-phase system, the modeling process is carried out by a universal tool that combines the functions responsible for the strength of the attachment of the growing nail on the natural plate, as well as for modeling the artificial marigold itself.
Advantages: only one gel is needed for all three stages of building: this is a budget saving, single-phase gels are thicker in consistency, it is easy to learn how to build with them. Disadvantages: gels have a less wide palette of colors. Basically, these are nude shades.

The two-phase extension system is based on the use of two types of gel, the first of which is responsible for fixing the artificial marigold on the nail plate, and the second for its modeling.

The three-phase system involves the use of three types of gels: the first to ensure the adhesion of the future marigold to the nail plate, the second to form the artificial marigold itself, and the third to protect the nail from external factors and give it the proper smoothness and evenness.
Advantages: Ideal for professionals: you can model nails of any design, camouflage gels in the three-phase system have a wider range of colors than single-phase gels. Disadvantages: Three different gels are needed for all stages of building.
Note: Single-phase gels are usually preferred by beginners. With experience, craftsmen, as a rule, switch to a three-phase building system.


Gel extension - nails are covered with a special gel that lasts from three to four weeks. Has both advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages and disadvantages of Gel Coating
The advantages of gel nail extension include the following:

1. Durability. Gel nails are plastic rather than acrylic. This means that they will last much longer, from three to four weeks.

2. Saving. Gel nails are cheaper, which, with frequent extensions, of course, has a positive effect on the budget.

3. Fast correction. The gel nails are easily corrected. If you want to change the shape or replace a broken nail, it will take no more than half an hour from a good master.

4. Long wearing. Gel nails can be worn (adjusted) for up to a year. It will not greatly affect the health of natural nails. Then, you should take a break for six months (this is how much the nail plate is restored), and you can build it up again.

5. Strengthening nails. If the nails are not strong enough and tend to break constantly, the gel will help solve this problem. It thickens the structure of the nails, and with constant extension, your nails will be able to grow back to the desired size without too many problems.

6.Easy to take off. Nails are easy to build and remove. In this case, the surface of the nail is almost not damaged.

7. No deformation. Gel nails, unlike acrylic nails, do not deform. This is due to their elastic structure. An important point for those who lead an active lifestyle.

8. No allergy. Cases when gels caused an allergic reaction are rare. These substances cannot be called hypoallergenic. However, they are formulated to protect even the most sensitive nails and skin.

9. Beautiful shine. Gel nails have a glossy, shiny surface.

The disadvantages of gel nail extension include:

1. Cannot be removed by yourself. When the gel is removed, it must be removed with a file or apparatus, which can injure the nail. But if you do this with a professional nail art, then you will not face negative reactions.

2. Repair of a cracked nail is impossible. Unfortunately, if you break your gel nail, you will have to regrow it. It is impossible to fix gel nails.

3. Sensitive to temperature changes. Gel nails crack from sudden temperature changes. Therefore, wearing them in winter is not recommended.

4. Nails need prevention. Immediately after the gel nails are removed, you need to get a manicure. Since when building with a gel, the top plate of your nails is cut off, and they will need additional support in the form of strengthening and healing varnishes.

5. Burning during the procedure. Unpleasant sensations can occur when drying nails under a UV lamp. This is due to the fact that the top layer of your nails has already been cut, which means it is more susceptible to UV rays and the chemical reaction that occurs during drying. But it should be understood that this is not a lack of material, but a technological feature.


In order to build up on a gel base, you need to resort to using special forms: tips or templates (forms).

Tipsa is a plastic transparent part, which is subsequently attached to a natural marigold. Made of special soft plastic. The main distinguishing feature of this method of nail extension is that the artificial nail is glued to the natural nail using a special glue without the need for a gel lamp. The tips can even be used on soft and brittle nails. Their effect on the natural natural plate is extremely minimal. The material comes in different colors, shapes, lengths.

Form - a paper stencil, which is worn under the edge of the marigold. Or, if yours are long enough, then the gel can be placed directly on them. With this method of extension, nails can be given different shapes: soft square, oval, almond-shaped, etc. The advantage of this technique is the most natural result that prevents excessive thickening of the nail.
We recommend reading our article «Forms for nail extension. Everything you need to know about them», there are many interesting things in it.


In order to decide on the choice of material for building, you need:
- Find out as much information as possible about the brand, the gels of which you liked. For example, Global Fashion produces only high-quality gels.
- Pay attention to whether the gels you have chosen have instructions with recommendations for their use.
- Read reviews of the selected gel.
- Decide what exactly you expect from the gel, which one you need: colored or transparent, how many gels you need, and so on.


Before starting the gel build process, make sure you have all the materials you need. So you need:
- Tips or shapes, depending on the method of extension, about which we
- UV lamp. This equipment is required to operate. Without it, the gel will not solidify and nothing will work.
- Disinfectant.
- Means for removing the sticky layer.
- A set of files or buffs.
- Flat brush.
- Polishing pillow.
- Tweezers.
- Adhesive for tips, if they are used as a method of building up.
You can buy all of the above for gel extension in our online store. Professionalism and quality are our guarantee!

To keep your fingers beautiful, always take care of your nails!
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