Cuticle remover: let's take a closer look at its features

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To achieve a beautiful manicure, it is not enough to choose a high-quality gel polish, a beautiful design, to give a beautiful shape to the nails, and of course it is necessary to process the cuticle, the so-calle «strip of skin» around the nails. There are several options for removing cuticles, the most modern is the removal with a cuticle remover, which simplifies and speeds up the preparation of nails. Well, let's take a closer look at the features of the cuticle room. 


What is it?
A cuticle remover or remover is a special tool that contains softening components and active chemicals to gently remove skin areas around the nail plates. The remover contains chemicals that make this procedure quick and easy. Available as a liquid, gel or light cream. The basis of these funds can be different. 
It is believed that a creamy consistency is the safest, because it practically does not flow out of the treatment area at all. But the remover in the form of a liquid penetrates better into keratinized areas of the skin. Well, the gel consistency is intermediate between cream and liquid, and, perhaps, is a universal option. 

There are several types of removers, which differ in their composition: 

1. Acidic: these removers most often contain fruit AHA acids, which act very quickly and effectively. With this composition, the cuticle removal procedure takes only up to 25 seconds. For this reason, many craftsmen use acid removers. Due to its speed and ease of use, this variety is in demand among both home nail masters and professionals. But, compared to an alkaline remover, an acid one can cause an allergic reaction, so you need to be careful; 

2. Alkaline: the remover is softer than the acid analog, but it will take up to 25 minutes to treat the cuticle with this remedy. This product has the most gentle principle of affecting the required area of the skin and is excellent for use at home. 

3. Oil: the principle of operation of such removers differs by softening effects, not dissolving ones. These products are perfect for sensitive hand skin, as well as for home use. 

4. Mineral: mineral-based removers are quite expensive and rarely seen. The advantage of this composition is the therapeutic effect of the remover on the nail plate and the skin area around the nails. 


- this option is safe. Using a cuticle remover, there is completely no risk of injury, and therefore the risk of infection is eliminated, since the process is absolutely bloodless. 
- can be used in a salon and at home.
- Removing the cuticle with a remover is more gentle. The process is absolutely painless and the cuticle treated in this way is less sensitive.
- accelerates the pre-manicure treatment of the nail plates.
- the cuticle removed with a remover grows back more slowly and is less prone to burrs. Accordingly, a manicure done in this way looks more aesthetically pleasing and more «viable».
- easily applied and easily, without a trace, removed after the procedure.
- faster manicure. The action of the remover takes 1.5 - 20 minutes, depending on the composition. But in any case, there is no need to wait for the skin and nails to dry, as is the case with the use of softening baths.

In addition to the advantages, the remover also has negative aspects. 

 - the possibility of allergic reactions. Substances in cuticle softeners can cause itching, redness and swelling. And neglect of the rules for using the remover can lead to the formation of voids under the plate with subsequent detachment of the nail from the bed.
- Remover does not remove cuticles cleanly enough. We can say that such a tool is suitable for owners of a thin cuticle. In advanced cases, when the cuticle has grown very much or it is very rough, you cannot do without a classic trim manicure.
- There is a risk of damaging the nail plate. After all, what is a cuticle remover? In fact, this is a certain chemical composition, which, in addition to keratinized areas of the skin, can corrode the nail plate at the base, and this is very dangerous. Tissue burns and plate splitting may occur. Therefore, at home, it is not recommended to use potent drugs containing aggressive acids in their composition.

IT IS WORTH PAYING ATTENTION! Strictly follow the rules written in the annotation for the product. This is especially true for products with potent chemical compositions. Never overdo the remover. And after completing the procedure, carefully remove the remnants of the product with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water, or wash your hands. And, of course, don't forget to nourish your cuticles with oil or nourishing cream.
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To begin with, it should be noted that before applying the remover to the skin, it is useful to test it. If the remover causes irritation or an allergic reaction, it is better to refuse its use for manicure, choosing a more gentle composition. Do not use acid-based products if there are skin diseases, abrasions or lesions that are not healed. A contraindication is fungal infection. 
Now, in fact, step-by-step actions: 
1. Clean the nail plate from dirt, varnish and degrease.
2. Gently apply a layer of remover to the cuticle, avoiding nails and healthy skin.
3. It is necessary to keep this remedy on the cuticle depending on the type of remover. For each composition of the remover there is a certain holding time of the agent.
4. After the required time has elapsed, using a pusher or an orange stick, gently push back and remove the keratinized skin.
5. Wipe off the rest of the product with a dry cloth and apply cuticle oil. This will help soothe the cuticle and slow its growth. 

IT IS WORTH PAYING ATTENTION! Cuticles should not be removed more than once a week. Too often, cutting off the cuticle or removing it with a remover can lead to dryness and cracking, which in turn negatively affects the condition of the nail plates. The only exceptions are oil-based removers. This can be used to treat the cuticle daily. Buy cuticle remover.

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We hope that your acquaintance with the remover was successful. Use a cuticle remover for a neat and beautiful manicure. 

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