Newspaper print on nails

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The art of manicure has come to us so long ago that, probably, one cannot even recall its origins. Even the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who was and remains the standard of beauty for many, attached great importance to the care of hair and nails. Nowadays, beautiful nails are a must for every fashionista. In addition, those who can not boast of their healthy and strong nails by nature, can make themselves artificial, which in appearance will not differ from natural ones. Due to the development of the art of manicure, fashion trends in this area are also developing. With each new season, stylists offer us the latest in design and shape of nails. This season a newspaper print manicure has become a trend.

If you go to a beauty salon, a manicure and pedicure master, having completed the work of caring for your nails and going to the decorative part, be sure to first offer you a fashionable newspaper design. Today, professionals can make you print a newspaper font on your nails using any color, giving your nails any shape, as well as language and even italics. You can also make French manicure with a newspaper print, where only the edge strip or the background part of the nail will be decorated with letters. It is not necessary to have perfect extended nails or longer nails. You can also add sparkles, rhinestones or any other decorations to your taste.

How to make newspaper manicure?

The advantage of newspaper manicure is that it can easily be done at home. This greatly saves money and time, and your nails will be in trend. To know how to do newspaper manicures correctly, just go to the Internet. Any search engine will give you an incredible amount of links to newspaper manicure instructions. But in fact, you have to take only a few steps and your nails already have a stylish design:

  • prepare two nail polishes - colorless and decorative, alcohol, rectangular newspaper clippings along the length of the nail and tweezers;
  • cover your nails with decorative varnish and let it dry;
  • lower the newspaper clippings for 10-15 seconds in alcohol, but make sure that the letters do not blur much;
  • attach the rectangles to the nails and hold for 15-20 seconds;
  • fix on top with clear varnish.

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