7 solutions for problems with natural nails

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Manicureis a part of the image of women so no amount of designer clothes and fashion accessories will not be able to hide untidy, splitting nails or hangnails.

Master the manicure is not only important to be able to simulate nails or to cover gel Polish, but in time to determine the problem with the nails of the client and help in its solution.

And after reading this article, you will learnthe basic 7 problems which can be with nails:

Problem # 1: yellowing

Reason:the use of bright or dark polishes (especially without a base coat). The effects of nicotine. But that is no reason to panic. That's when the nail plate turns yellow without the above factors, you should think about health problems. Yellowing of nails can be a sign of lung disease and diabetes. Yellow spots - talk about psoriasis or fungus. Especially when observed parallel to increased thirst, unexplained weight loss at a constant power, night sweats, palpitations when even small physical activity.

Solution:don't use cheap paints, which can easily penetrate into the nail plate. Be sure to apply a base coat, which promotes better adhesion of nail Polish and protects from the negative effects.

To eliminate yellowing, use a toothpaste for whitening or a special coating. If you suspect health problems, consult a doctor.

Problem No. 2: a bundle of nails

Reason:destructive mechanical or chemical action. Clipping nails without pre-wetting, handling them with a metal nail file. Then the contour of microcracks, which the next day turn into chipped and peeling. Other causes: household chemicals, cosmetics, frequent contact with water. Liquid nail Polish remover with too high content of acetone and detergents can also lead to delamination. Also the nails may mean that your diet is lacking in linoleic acid.

Solution:use tools to Polish remover without acetone. Podpilivaya nails and good nail file in one direction only. Watch that the nail Polish did not include formaldehyde. Avoid excessive exposure to water and detergents. Coat the nails to seal and moisturize nails. If the reason for the lack of linoleic acid - increase consumption of vegetable oils.

Problem No. 3: transverse wave-like irregularities

Cause:excessive exposure to the nail plate when performing a manicure or injury. In any case, this is due to damage of the matrix in the root of the nail.

Solution:to stop a devastating effect on the matrix of the nail. Nails will recover themselves within 3 months. And already damaged nails you can gently handle, surface polished with a special nail file. In order to make the nail grow faster, use a growth stimulant and to regularly massage the cuticles.

Issue # 4: white spots

Cause:most Often these spots are a manifestation of some type of trauma to the nail. It can also be the result of a diet that is poor in zinc. But if you are sure that did not hurt the nails, nevertheless notice a recurring white spots, there are several other reasons, including psoriasis, skin diseases and eczema.

Solution:consult a dermatologist. If the cause of the white spots are skin diseases, you will be assigned the appropriate treatment. If the cause was zinc deficiency, check your diet and increase the amount of whole grains, poultry and seafood. Additional supplementation of zinc will accelerate the recovery of nails.

Problem No. 5: nails heavily thinned

Reason:too frequent buffing of the nail plate too much when increasing or gel-lacquers. Or the nail bed dry due to lack of oxygen and fatty acids. The reason may be chlorinated water, detergents and mechanical contact with solid surfaces.

Solution:let the nails to relax. Take a break in the build-up or coating of gel varnish. Use restorer Polish. Daily massage into the skin around the nail oil. Choose a liquid for removing varnish, which does not include acetone.

Issue No. 6: change color

Cause:fungal and bacterial infections that can be easily listed in nail salons with unsanitary conditions. Infection usually occurs with the participation of unsterilized instruments. A fungal infection may lead to separation of the nail from the nail bed. The nail may become raised and loose, and beneath it you may discover a white fungus. Bacterial infection may lead to lesions of the nail, causing a slight greenish tint to the nail plate.

Solution:an untreated infection can cause more than serious consequences, so, you should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe you antibiotics.

Problem No. 7: hangnail

Reason:banal habit of picking the skin near the nail. The skin also cracks and peels off due to excessive dryness of the skin or permanent the use of detergents without protective gloves.

Solution:if it's a habit, then follow your emotions and find them another, more constructive way. They say that in such cases, Unlearning bad habits help knuckle beads.

The rule is all the house work involving the use of detergents and cleaning agents, to do only with gloves.

For emergency repair situations, apply special cuticle oil. For the night - a nourishing cream for hands and nails, thoroughly lubricating every problem area of skin.

And to prevent all these problems, remember a simple rule. Manicure is even possible to make a special note to clients:

1. Not biting his nails and do not use them as a building or office equipment.

2. Keep hands clean and dry.

3. Daily moisturize your nails and cuticles with cream or oil that contain vitamin E.

4. Use for manicure only sterile tools and high quality cosmetics.

5. Use liquid nail Polish remover without acetone.

6. Protect your nails from injuries and infections.

7. And most importantly, refer only to the professionals, whether a dermatologist or nail technician.

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