Manicure hood. Master and client security

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Today, women strive to, to look your best, and every particle of the body must be well-groomed, and nails are no exception. Manicured nails are - beautiful and high quality manicure. Nowadays there is such a thing as hardware manicure, which is in great demand in the nails field due to the fact, that it is convenient, fast and safe. But besides the advantages of such a manicure, there are of course also disadvantages.  Hardware manicure technique is a process that entails a series of actionssuch as milling cuticles, polishing the nail plate, removal of keratinized skin particles.  Of course, in the process of work, nail dust is formed which pollutes the air and enters the respiratory tract, and this is not good for both the master and the client. To avoid negative consequences, there is a solution- using a vacuum cleaner, yes yes you heard right - vacuum cleaner, in whose face is a manicure hood.
Let's figure out what a manicure hood is.

What is a manicure hood?

Manicure hood - it is one of the main equipment in manicure equipment, which is necessary for the master to protect himself and the client from the ingress of harmful particles into the body  and with the help of which the process of hardware manicure will be more effective and clean. The hoods also remove the unpleasant and toxic odor of gel or gel polish polymerization. Go to catalog

Advantages of a manicure hood.

- Prevents the occurrence of an allergic reaction to harmful substances during the procedure.
- Prevents air pollution in the nail salon.
- Draws in particles of gel, acrylic and sawdust.
- Keeps your desktop clean.
Now let's talk about the types of hoods.

Hood types

Table hood. A budgetary option for an electrical appliance. The table-top hood is comfortable because it is very compact, convenient, beautiful, functional. It has small dimensions and weight. More expensive models of hoods have an on timer, off and backlight. It is this type of device that is most popular today.

Built-in hood. his is a stationary device, which is built into the manicure table, more expensive than the rest. Its advantages are high power and long service life. The disadvantages of this type can be called the lack of transportation.

Floor hoods. This equipment is large in size, robust housing and high power. Such a fan perfectly removes all types of dirt and is suitable for all manicure options. his type of device is less common than the rest. His hood is also suitable for pedicure.

Varieties of manicure hoods

Of course, the quality of the manicure hood, this is an important factor, which depends on the level of work with clients. But besides quality, the design of the hood is no less important, as every craftsman dreams of having his workplace not only well-groomed but also stylish.
Studying a huge range of manicure hood models, you can find various forms of manicure dust collectors. He manufacturer produces manicure hoods in different formats:
- rectangular shape.
- rounded.
- square shape.
All forms of desktop vacuum cleaners for manicure have a stylish design and almost all are upholstered with leather fabric, which makes it easy to care for them, change the bag and wipe them.

Manicure hood power

Manicure hood power is an important factor, since the power depends on how well the hood cleans the air and can collect all dust.
Let's figure out what powers the hood for manicure are!
- Desktop hoods for manicure with a power of 20-30 W. Hoods of this type collect dust well, but due to the low power they are suitable mainly for home use.
- Desktop vacuum cleaner for manicure with a power of 40-65 W. Hoods of this type can easily cope with cleaning the workplace from sawdust. Suitable for use both for the salon and for the home master.
There are also manicure hoods that have a power regulator, which will allow you to choose the optimal operating mode for each client.

How to properly care for your hood?

All manicure supplies, need proper care, range hood is no exception. With proper care, you can extend the life of your appliance.
Basic rules for caring for this device:
- cleaning the dust bag after working with each client.
- with a large flow of customers, the bag should be replaced once every six weeks.
- periodic washing of the bag.
- cleaning the hood with wet wipes or washcloths without the use of chemicals.
In order to simplify a decent choice of a manicure hood, you should pay attention to several factors.

Factors in choosing a hood for a manicure

- Power.
- Cord length.
- The presence of a filter and replacement bags.
- Backlighting.
- Timer and automatic switching on.
- Ergonomic / stationary installation. Buy hood

We shared secrets with you, in choosing a hood for manicure, now the choice is yours. But remember the fact, to choose a good range hood, consider your wishes. Your decision should be well thought out!

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