How to choose a lamp for a manicure? Let's deal with the nuances!

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We all know, that every representative of the fairer sex dreams have beautiful and well-groomed marigolds. Even herself Coco Chanel approves, what «Everything is in the hands of the girl. So they should be fine» and, of course, this order makes sense in itself well-groomed nails. Certainly in order to show off a beautiful manicure,  you need quality materials, one of which is a manicure lamp. Therefore, from quality and the right choice the lamp depends on the beauty of the marigold, because the quality- pledge of beauty manicure. Lamp for manicure - it is one of the most important tools, with which a manicure is created.
Now let's figure it outwhich lamp to choose especially if you are a beginner master and try to consider the most important, and the basic requirements for choosing the right nail lamp.

What types of lamps are there?

UV Lapms - uv lamp for nails. A lamp that works with ultraviolet rays, тем dries most like biogel, and gel polish. The lamp includes rather big UV bulbs, which can be changed, when they burned out. As for the price, the UV lamp has the most reasonable price. They are suitable for beginners and home manicures. But, you should pay attention to the fact that some UV lamps have a negative effect on the eyes and skin!

LED Lamps - led nail lamp. This type of lamp works by using light radiation and provide uniform polymerization. LED lamp dries the working material much faster on nails, than an ultraviolet lamp, however it is worth noting, that the emission spectrum of such lamps does not allow drying all types of materials. At a cost, an ice lamp is more expensive than a UV lamp and has the best benefits. Such a lamp is suitable for a beauty salon, and for home use. It is worth paying attention to the fact,  that the LED lamp does not harm the eyes and skin.

CCFL Lamps - cold cathode gas lamps. The CCFL lamp works with gas. And, it is she who is filled with gas, therefore does not heat up, consumes very little electricity and practically does not wear out over time. This type of lamp is optimal for which serves its master much longer and has a low price, which is an important factor in choosing a lamp.

LED+CCFL Lamps - hybrid lamps. Such a lamp includes two types of lamps: cold cathode LED and gas lamps. The device is designed to work with any type of coating. Such a lamp is considered professional and provides fast and effective drying of nails, without requiring replacement of consumables. The LED + CCFL lamp is more expensive than other manicure lamps.

LED+UV Lamps - this is a brand new lamp, which has such advantages as: fast drying speed, dries any material, both biogel and gel polish. Many of these types of lamps have an electronic and user-friendly display, have a stylish and modern design. The cost of LED + UV lamps is quite reasonable, it is used by both experienced craftsmen and beginners. Go to catalog
Of course, the fact is known, that every thing has in itself both advantages and disadvantages, еhe manicure lamp is no exception.
Let's figure it out!

Cons and pros of manicure lamps

1 - UV-Lamps
1. Affordable price.
2. Huge selection of models of various brands and capacities.
3. Versatility. UV lamps can be used both in showrooms and at home.
1. Fragility of light bulbs. Often they don't burn out, but lose their power, due to which drying of nails becomes ineffective. It is recommended to change the bulbs every half a year, depending on the frequency of use.
2. For sensitive hands, the UV lamp may not work, as it will cause an unpleasant burning sensation during the polymerization of gel polish or gel.

2 - LED Lamps 

Such a lamp is famous for a number of advantages:
1. Strength. he LEDs are located in the lamp housing under the plastic, therefore the risk of damaging them is less.
2.  The size. LED lamps are more compact.
3. Safety. Absolute safety of LED beams for skin and nail plates.
4. In case of mechanical damage to the lamp and its failure, you can not fear for your health and safety, since LED does not contain any chemical components such as mercury.
5. Term of the work. Most manufacturers give a 50,000 hour LED warranty, which is equal to almost 5 years of continuous work.
But of course there are also disadvantages:
1. High price. Such LED dryers are usually purchased for prestigious beauty salons, а not for personal use at home.
2. Suitable exclusively for drying special coatings marked with LED.

3 - LED+CCFL Lamps 

1. Ideal for all types of coatings.
2. The coating is dried almost instantly.
3. Long lasting.
4. Low power consumption.
1. High price.

4 - LED+UV Lamps 

1. Ideal for curing all modern gel polishes and gels.
2. Compact dimensions.
3. Convenient to use.
4. Long lasting.
5. High polymerization rate.
1. High price.

Power of nail lamps

The curing time of the coating depends on the lamp power.
- For a 9 W lamp, the curing time of the coating will average 3 minutes- it is objectively too long and inconvenient.
- For 18W, the standby is reduced to 2.5 minutes. Such a lamp will be convenient for a beginner to use, who hones his skills in nail strengthening and design.
- 36 W - the most popular model among nail masters. The polymerization time with it is no more than 1.5 minutes.
- In beauty salons with a large flow of customers it makes sense to use devices with higher power - 48, 54, 66 and 72 watts. With them, the drying time is reduced to 40-60 seconds.
Now let's summarize and deal with the most important parameters in choosing a nail lamp.

The most important thing when choosing a lamp for a manicure

1. Lamp type: LED and CCFL devices allow you to work with almost all types of materials.
2. Power: the most popular option among nail masters is 36 watts.
3. The material from which the lamp housing is made: if possible, it is better to choose a durable metal option.
4. Useful additional functions of the nail lamp: timer and display, removable bottom, thermal control, energy saving mode, sensor, increased size.
Revising the characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of different types of manicure lamps, you can choose the UV lamp for you based on your functional needs. But the choice, of course, must be deliberate and justified, because the beauty of your nails depends on it.

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