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Summer is in full swing, smiling sun, hot days and great mood! We are sure that this is exactly what spoils you now. What if we add even more juiciness to these attributes? How? Very simple!

«JUICY ACTION» starts at Global Fashion!

 So, «JUICY ACTION»! - this is a DISCOUNT - 10% ON ALL GOODS in the period TO AUGUST 15, 2021!

* The discount is valid for any product, only when ordering online from the website www.globalfashion.ru

** This discount does not apply to discounted goods.

*** It is worth noting that the prices on the site will not change, but when assembling the order, we will recalculate the amount for you, taking into account the DISCOUNT!

Add juiciness to your summer, treat yourself and your loved ones with a great purchase! 
Published: 23.07.2021 14:04 Times Read: 2553