Varnish and gel varnish: what is the difference

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Every girl has known nail polish since early childhood. And all because my mother constantly experimented with varnish to give her nails different shades. Well, what are the daughters doing? Of course, everyone repeats after moms. Fashion show around the apartment in shoes, dresses, painted with brightly expressive lipstick, and of course they are experimenting with their marigolds. In modern times, varnish is no longer as popular as 20 years ago, nevertheless, it is still in demand. Since the nail sphere is updated every day, now there is a cooler tool for creating a beautiful manicure, such as gel polish. At the current time, gel polish is popular in the nail industry. In this article, we will figure out what is the difference between traditional nail polish and gel polish.


Gel - varnish It is a combined material for creating decorative manicure, consisting of regular nail polish and modeling gel. The combination of the properties of these two materials in one allows you to create an ideal decorative surface on the nails.

Varnish is a special coating that is applied to the nail plate in order to protect it from external factors and create an attractive appearance. Sometimes nail varnishes combine medicinal properties: they strengthen the nail plate, protect it from aggressive external influences (for example, detergents).

INTERESTING: The first indelible varnish in history was invented in the distant 30s by Charles Revson (founder of the Revlon company). The varnish had shades of only one color - red. And today you will not surprise anyone with the bright green or even black color of the coating.


We decided to divide the distinction criteria as follows:

1. Persistence

Gel polish: stay on nails from 2 to 4 weeks.
Varnish: stay on nails for 3 to 7 days.

2. Application

Gel polish: applied in 3 steps:
- Base
- Gel polish
- Top
All steps are required to dry in a lamp.

Varnish: can be applied without base and top.

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3. Drying time

Gel polish: dries 2 minutes / 30 seconds in UV / LED lamp.

Varnish: good drying can take up to 1 hour or more. Long drying of each layer: if the drying time is not kept, all layers will be smeared.

4. Smell

Gel polish: odorless.
Varnish: due to the fact that nail varnish contains ingredients such as: polymers, solvents, plasticizers, pigments, they have a rather specific smell.

5. Withdrawal

Gel polish: sawing off with a cutter or soaking in a gel polish remover.

Nail polish: nail polish remover.

6. What is it for

Gel polish: Designed for both classic coatings and complex designs. Allows you to attach various design materials: broths, rhinestones, nail ball and metal decorations, slider designs, and much more. Suitable for strengthening and aligning the nail plate.

Varnish: Designed for classic coatings and some types of designs: glitter, slider designs, stamping.

7. For whom

Gel polish: For lovers and masters of manicure.
Varnish: For those who do not like to walk with one coating for a long time.

8. Cost

Gel polish: A quality gel polish is more expensive.
Varnish: The price is much lower than that of gel varnish

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It doesn't matter that you choose a traditional polish or gel polish, the main thing is that your nails are always beautiful and well-groomed.

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