Гель лак Камень (Stone) 021, 8 мл

Код продукта: 3317
Остаток на складе: много


Stone gel polish 8 ml is a modern professional three-phase gel varnish system that combines the best properties of professional nail varnishes and modeling gels. The application technology does not differ from the classical one.

Stone gel polish is:
- the most simple removal of material.
- a unique safe formula.
- perfect glossy shine.
- the optimal ratio of reasonable price and high premium quality.
- the ability to apply and remove at home.
- lightness and ease of use.
- polymerization in UV, LED or hybrid CCFL.
- long-term preservation of a bright and saturated hue.
- increased resistance to mechanical damage.
- no chips and scratches throughout the entire wearing period.
- a rich palette of modern stylish shades.

You can buy Stone gel polish on our website.
Баркод 4603764653084
Просмотры 110
Количество товаров в одной коробке 6
Номер полки на склад D33
Срок годности 3 года
Номер цвета 021
Длинна 2.50
Ширина 2.50
Высота 8.00
Объём 8.00

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