Why does the top feel bad on the nails: main reasons

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Every modern girl dreams of a beautiful manicure. And what can you do not to make your dream come true. Salon trips are certainly an expensive pleasure, nevertheless, the representatives of the soft sex do not deny myself this. But it is worth noting that manicure has its own unpleasant phenomena. Namely, the manicure coating after a while begins to change the original color and, of course, spoils the manicure. To understand why this is happening, let's try to understand the reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon.


Top nail polish can be pitiful for two main reasons:

1. By mistake or flaw of the master.
2. Through the fault of the client.
Now let's take a closer look at each reason.
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- Top application without UV filters.
- Using a top that does not match the base and decorative coating.
- Poorly cured topcoat in a UV lamp. It is better to select the «native» base, color coating and top, according to the manufacturer's recommendations - this will preserve the aesthetic appearance of your manicure.
- The master must constantly make sure that the top polymerizes in a high-quality lamp and does not become cloudy.
- The presence of this filter protects the manicure from excess ultraviolet radiation and prevents the appearance of yellowing of its lower layers.


- Smoking. The tar and nicotine contained in cigarettes give the nails and skin on the fingers in which you hold the cigarette a characteristic yellowish tint.
- Lack of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency is especially likely in the autumn-spring period, in addition to yellowing, signs of vitamin deficiency are manifested in nail stratification, thinning and increased fragility of the plate.
- Using household chemicals without gloves. A reaction to reactive liquids, dyes, cleaning agents and corrosive components is likely if contacted without gloves.
- Hormonal disbalance. It can be a consequence of a serious illness, pregnancy, and also manifest itself in the postpartum period.
- Other reasons. The ingestion of various spices or foods during cooking, for example, turmeric, we also note the use of dyes without the use of gloves.
The list of reasons for the yellowing of the top coating of course can be even longer, but we tried to show the main reasons.
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