How to make Hair removal without Pain

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There are a number of popular methods for hair removal without pain, so they definitely pay attention.

-The female cycle. The fact is that the first phase of the cycle is the most suitable for removing unwanted hair. The first phase of the female cycle is a few days after menstruation.

-Certain times of the day. The most painless period in day time is from 16.00 to 18.00. Try to do hair removal at this time.

-The length of the hairs. It also plays an important role, so apiservice short hairs that have just grown.

-Steaming of the skin. For some girls effective is taking a hot bath or bath before waxing, so try and you, if you haven't found your effective method of analgesia.

-Alcohol.Grate the skin and epilator before the procedure medical alcohol. As shown by the experience of many customers, it is a very effective method.

-Local massage.Do self massage the small areas of the skin immediately before epiljatsii.

Of course, women are constantly faced with difficulties in the process of caring for your body, but if there is a wonderful methods to make certain procedures easier and faster to reduce the level of pain, why not use them? If you use the above rules, you will soon see that in fact excess hair is not a problem.

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