And you properly sterilize the tools?

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· Any поверхности;

· Hand инструменты;

· Rotating инструменты;

· Hands (antiseptic);

· Disinfection кожи;

· Treatment of wounds.

Today, in the salons usedchemical method of disinfection.Its effectiveness is due to the application of special disinfectants. They can be prepared in solutions, tablets, aerosols.

Disinfection of instruments includes a number of sequentially executed actions. Immediately after use immersed in a solution selected des. means ( it is better to choose a tool which enables pre sterilization cleaning ), where the instrument is cleaned from impurities ( epidermis, particles of the nail plate, blood ) using a cotton-gauze or brass brushes. The instruments then put in another container with DEZ. solution. The liquid should completely cover all the items. The exposure time (aging the solution) depends on the chosen solution. All manipulations are performed in protective gloves.


Sterilizationis the final step in processing instruments. In the sterilization process destroyed not only stoichiometrically, but also their spores. Sterilization is subjected to all that had contact with the skin and nails of the client.

The instrument sterilization is carried out with the aim of killing them all pathogenic and nonpathogenic microorganisms, including their spore forms.

Care and storage of tools

After completing all the steps (disinfection, cleaning, sterilization), it is necessary to store clean tools in a sterile environment, for example, in sterile disposable bags or in UV Cabinet –UV sterilizer, where the instruments remain sterilefor 3 daysorin a container with a tightly fitting lid.

UV sterilizer is intendedONLYfor the storage of disinfected, sterilized instruments. Hand tools should be placed inside special perforated trays, and rotating to put on the stand for cutters.

In UV sterilizer to put onlyclean and dry tools.

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