Hair removal or depilacija - what's the difference?

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Waxingis a method of mechanical removal of unwanted hair. To removed hair with razors, special creams, wax, sugar paste, epilator or tweezers. Waxing gives temporary effect and the hair growth resumes after a short period of time. It is noteworthy that some of the damaged follicles die, hair gets thinner and less. However, do not disappear forever.

By the way, the epilators, which are so often advertise different manufacturers logically be called a depilatory. The same goes for hair removal wax. Very often in the salons you can find the name of the procedure as "Waxing". Although this is actually waxing as the structure of the follicle remains intact.

Hair removalis the process of destruction of hair follicles by electric current or laser to get rid of hair growth permanently.

Hair removal – the procedure is not painful and, unfortunately, techniques to completely numb yet. Most often, before wax is applied to the skin cream anesthetic, which reduces its sensitivity. However, for every person it works differently, and someone who feels nothing, and someone sensitivity remains.

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