What nail shape suits you ?

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During a manicure, the main problem is selection of the correct shade and design. But, unfortunately, this is not all the difficulty. It is worth remembering that to date, there are four kinds of different nail shapes. But which one to choose, everyone decides for himself individually fully. It is worth remembering that a few years ago, the shape of the nails were varied in accordance with the trends of the season, but currently, these clear boundaries are gradually eroded. Now, there are no specific faces and rules. There is now only wishes to have a manicure display the style conformed to the image and the shape perfectly match the shape and length of fingers.

You first need to learn the most important rule – all the nails, regardless of the form must be the same length. In that case, if a nail is broken, it is unnecessary to pity others, because only in this case, the nails will look aesthetically pleasing.

All experts say that the shape of the nail should completely mirror the shape of the cuticle. During manicures, the nails should be given either oval, or round or pointed, or rounded, or square shape.

The most perfect nail shape is an oval, because it is suitable only to owners of perfect and graceful hands.

The most convenient, comfortable and practical form, is considered to be rounded, because in this case, the nail quite a bit in favour of your fingertip. In this case, all loose edges must be periodically cut off in the form of a Crescent. In that case, if the edges of the rasp in a straight line, it is possible to obtain a square shape. Well and the length is completely dependent on individual preferences.

Also, do not forget that the nail should protrude from the edge of the fingertip, the at least one millimeter. Well, the shape of the nails it is necessary to choose depending on the cuticle, shape and long fingers, as well as from the nail bed.

Before you make a decision, first and foremost, you must visualize how each will look on the hand. Ideally, you can cut the nails of each of the forms of plain paper and attach templates to the fingers. As the saying goes, it is better to measure seven times and cut once. Only if you are confident in your decision, you can take action.

The choice of the nail shape the shape of the cuticle

The cuticle is of three basic shapes: triangular, square and oval. Also, the shape of the nails you can choose according the convexity of the nail plate, it is flat and convex in shape.

· In that case, if the cuticle is oval with flat shape of the nail plate, will suit absolutely any shape, to the convex shape of the plates – square.

· In that case, if the cuticle has a square shape, but the nails should be square.

· In that case, if the shape of the cuticle close to the triangle, it is better to opt for the pointed or oval-shaped nails.

The choice of the shape of nail shape and length of fingers

Round nails are perfect for those who have large hands, large fingers and wide palms. Round shape nail good looks in that case, if the nails are short, that is, they do not advocate the finger tip of more than three millimeters.

Square nail shape will look great on those women who have thin long fingers, narrow hands and if, of course, by nature there are round nails. By choosing this form of nail length, you can choose absolutely any, because the square nails look great both short and long.

Oval nails are ideal for any shape of the fingers and hands, and in addition this nail shape visually extend the fingers. But if the toes are short and full, it is generally considered to be the ideal option. In this case, the length of the nail can be any.

Pointed, or as it is called, almond-shaped nails, perfect for those who have either long or medium length nails.

It is worth remembering that the fingers should be mandatory in the case of long and thin. In that case, if the chubby fingers, the sharpened shape of the nails can simply break the overall proportions of the brush. On the nails this shape will look great in the piercing of the nails, exotic or fantastic manicure, or classic French manicure. With such a form of nails, you can experiment with nail Polish.

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