Mirror coating of nails

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One of the most stylish and elegant options for manicure is a mirror coating of nails.

Broken glass with the effect of colored or mirror fragments on the nails can also be attributed to the same category. Appeared as a fashionable idea in Korea - and quickly spread among fashionistas around the world thanks to its design playing in the rays of light.

Well, one of the freshest and most curious ways to make mirrored nails today is “chrome manicure” - created using a mirror pigment or shiny powder. And gel polish, on the surface of which this powder is rubbed well.

The pigment for the mirror manicure in the imported version can have different names - be it Mirror Powder, Chrome Powder, Chrome Pigment, Glitter Powder and others. Its essence is one: it is the smallest aluminum powder, designed to rub into the surface of the varnish base - and to give it a shine.

Pigment shades can also be different: most often it is silver, gold, white gold, pearls. But, having set a goal, on sale you can find color options for powder for manicure in a metallic style. And even shades of chameleons, playing on the nails with different tones of blue, green, purple and pink.

As for the color of the base coat - gel polish, when creating a classic mirror manicure, this is deep black. Being the best backdrop for a shiny finish.

However, no one forbids experimenting with white or other colors, right down to a bright and neon hue, as the stylists of the Polish Nails Company salon (pictured above) did. Although the mirror effect in this case is blurry and implicit.

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