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§ Not deleted, partially deleted or poorly pushed back cuticles and pterygium. Purification from them of the nail plate is very important, so how it got on the cuticles or pterygium gel Polish will peel for sure, and all Your efforts will be lost ;

§ Nail poorly sanded. Step, before applying the lacquer, should be handling the "buff"; you can also enlist the help of a grinder. Special effort should be made when working with the cuticles and the free edge of the nail ;

§ Insufficient degreasing of the nail plate. For this purpose you can use rubbing alcohol or nail Polish remover containing acetone. Please note that it is important to apply the degreaser need by wiping the nail with a soft cloth without pile, be sure to wipe, not обрызгивания;

§ Gel Polish is not very good on the so-called "wet nails". The coating to be more durable, free edge of the nail is treated with primer or Ultrabond ;

§ Too thick layer of base, color or top. These substances is necessary to apply a thin layer ;

§ Poorly dried layers. After each coat you must wait until it is completely dry. When there is insufficient capacity UV lamp just increase the drying time ;

§ Unsealed or poorly sealed layers ensure the exfoliation and cracking of the gel Polish. To seal means to cover the gel varnish cut the nail. Moreover, the slice is applied to each layer, not just the final! ;

§ Soft and thin nails worse initially, keep the gel Polish than solid and sturdy. However, this fact is not an indication that you have permanently to abandon it. To correct the situation will help specifically created for this purpose firming gel. Try to acquire soluble, requiring no cutting during removal.

§ Low-quality base and top can negate all Your efforts. These components are never cheap, because they directly affect how firmly will keep the gel Polish, and how easy it will be to remove ;

§ Needless to capturing the base and top 2-in-1. Maybe to use this "hybrid" is easier, but it will be noticeable to give taken separately the base and the top, then the husband is removed 2-in-1 much harder ;

§ Using single-phase gel-lacquers-free base and top. To strengthen the flooring and to give it the density will help additionally applied base. Not by chance the highest quality (and highest popularity) possess a three-phase gel varnishes, when applied which necessarily used the base and top ;

§ The fragility of the nails. This phenomenon may be a feature of an organism, and acquired a factor — for example, due to frequent cutting of the lacquer. Therefore, the selection of gel Polish, keep in mind not only how it looks on the nails and how long, and what method will have to take it off. The optimal choice of gel-lacquers, removing which you do not have to resort to filing a soaking ;

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