About eyelash extensions

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It should be noted that there are 2 kinds of capacity – beams (traditional) and single cilium (Japanese technology). Using extensions bundles, you can experience discomfort and itching when the cilia begin to grow.

Will look better eyelashes, eyelash extensions one by one, they will look natural and more accurate. In addition, you will not feel discomfort if the procedure is carried out correctly, and you do not have any contraindications.

Experts in numerous salons and at home suggest using cilia to create a different image. False eyelashes can look like your own. The wizard may prompt you to paste them into 2 rows, or create a 3D effect, pasting a few artificial cilia on their. Also make creative images for the client.

Length, crimping and the quality of the material can also be selected. The material goes from 8 to 12 mm long. You should choose a medium size, so the image was more natural. As to the quality of the source material, you can choose natural hair (sable, mink, silk) or artificial.

What eyelashes is best to use to build up, you decide. But the experts recommend to choose a natural material, because artificial mass of fibers that can cause allergies.

With glue you can make an eye-liner effect. The glue is transparent, and black. Transparent glue will mask traces of adhesions, and black to make the eyes more expressive and bright.

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