Sugar hair removal

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Today, all cosmetologists say that after the epilation waxshugaringhairs begin to grow slower and the hair becomes lighter and thinner. And the girls already with the first procedure you notice that unwanted vegetation is more thin, light, and hairs grow more slowly. Why is this happening?

In order to answer the question - how long does the effect of hair removal, it is necessary to consider the structure of the hair and the scheme of its growth.

Every hair starts growing deep in the skin, in the dermis of the hair follicle (or hair follicles). The onion summed up the blood, muscle (which helps the hair to rise), nerve fibers, sweat glands (where the hair appear "greasy" effect).

Breaking through the skin, the hair shows outside, although inside there is already a few millimeters of new hair. Due to the fact that the bulb is not damaged, the hairs grow strong, elastic, dark. Of course, much depends on the person and his body (due to lack of vitamins hair brittle and weak, depending on the person and race / ethnicity, different hair color).

Sugar hair removalremoves hair from the root. Applied to the skin the sugar paste coats each hair and pulls it for growth, thus damaging the follicle.

New hair begins to form and grow in the follicle, in the skin that are not visible. This time takes time. In addition, the hair follicle needs time to recover from his injury when pulling hairs. All this allows you to forget about unnecessary hairs for a longer period of 2-4 weeks, depending on the individuals body.

With regular treatment the hairs become much thinner and lighter, all because of the constant trauma, the bulb is not able to fully recover and it becomes less, to the root of the hair receives less blood, and therefore nutrients.

If you compare the sugar hair removal with waxing, that is, with the usual shaving, the hairs begin to rise on the second day. All because deleted only the visible part of hair, it does not address the root.

Thus, due to the fact that during the hair removal sugarhair pulled out by the roots, thus damaging the hair follicle where it originates and every hair, the effect lasts for 2 - 4 weeks, depending on the individuals body.

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