Children's manicure

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What girl does not seek to uncover the secrets of her mother's beauty, despite his very young age?! Babies are happy wearing "adult" perfumes, trying to paint the lips and eyelids, trying on jewelry and high heel shoes... If you notice that the interest of your daughter to the world of female attractiveness is permanent, so it's time to talk about the basic rules of care for their appearance. Where to start? For example, with nail Polish.

Why should the child's nails?

First, the girl should understand that you need to care for the whole body, and hands is no exception. Dirty, unkempt nails can ruin the impression about the person.

Second, time is not remote hangnails can cause discomfort, deliver pain and cause inflammation on the child's fingers.

Another reason is a clear indication in favor of the children's manicure, onychophagia (biting nails). Statistics show that such symptom behavior disorders suffer approximately 30% of children aged 6-10 years. The original design of nails will help the young fashionista to get rid of this bad habit.

What age can start doing the manicure to a child? If we are talking about the hygienic manicure (no design), then the procedure can be performed when the baby has such a desire. Usually this happens at the age of 5-7 years.

Remember that until adolescence (13-15 years old) the process of formation of the nail plate, so to perform the procedure of edging manicure is not recommended.

Children aged 5 to 15 years can be offered 2 options of manicure: classical, European. The procedure of the European manicure is less traumatic to the child because the manipulation of the cuticle produced with the help of an orange stick.

Technique of manicure:

  • instruments are processed with special solutions, and hands of the child and the master — spray-антисептиком;
  • a little to shorten the nails, to make them the same length and shape using a glass nail file. If such a procedure causes discomfort to the child, replace the nail file щипчиками;
  • burrs are removed with tweezers. If the baby's skin is too dry, place his hands in the tub of warm water with the addition of decoctions of herbs for a few минут;
  • the edges of the cuticles are pushed wooden палочкой;
  • the cream is applied and gentle massage is performed рук;
  • the nails are covered with varnish, if desired executed nail art. For a special occasion can be applied to nails decorative elements in the form of stones or sequins. It is desirable to use varnishes based on water.

The process of implementation of child manicure for girls requires caution and special skills. It is desirable to carry out the procedure every 12-15 days. If possible, drive your child to the salon. Beautiful well-groomed hands are for girls a good reason to take care of their nails, making it more attentive and demanding on their own appearance.

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