Build the shape of an eye

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Let us learn more what are the eye shape and what effect the increase will look more advantageous in a particular case.

Almond shape.If you're the owner of almond-shaped eyes, then for you there is no limit to creativity and experimentation. You will suit absolutely any effect of the build-up. So you can do safely choose!

The drooping corners of the eyes.If you have droopy eyes, the more advantageous you will look "squirrel" effect. It helps to visually raise the corner of the eye and the sight will be more bright and open.

Large and protruding eyes.The owners of this eye shape are advised to wear false eyelashes more close to the natural effect. This is a classic increase eyelash thickness not more than 0.15 mm, or double the amount of ultra-thin eyelashes. You will also fit the Fox effect, which visually help to correct the shape of the eye closer to almond.

Close-set eyes.Girls with this shape and eye shape will fit any effect necessarily with thickening of the outer corner (Fox, squirrel). Also, podobnomu eyes, can be corrected with properly chosen length of the lashes.

Deep-set eyes.If you have deep-set eyes, you should adjust them using the technique of "rounding". In this case, the accent will fall on the Central part of the eye, visually making the eyes look more open and wide.

Overhanging eyelid.Girls with hanging eyelids or Asian eyes, fit build eyelashes L/L curves. It's the lashes that have a steeper curve than others, which allows them to be more visible to the eyes of a looming century.

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