Starter kit for eyelash extensions

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  • Letadla tecnicalities protect the lower lashes - a prerequisite in the procedure. To protect the lower lashes must be very careful to avoid gluing to the top.
  • Degreaser/ primer - removes oil, dirt and makeup from the eyelashes. Enhances adhesion, and increases wear time.
  • Tweezers straight line is used to separate the eyelashes, the same way many artists use the stack the needle.
  • Tweezers beveled - must fit all to well capture as one or more lashes ( in a situation with a volumetric capacity).
  • Eyelashes - use the lash on the tape and loose. Eyelashes on the ribbon, significantly reducing working time. You must be at least 3 sizes of lashes to be able to simulate eyes.
  • Jade stone for glue - allows a drop of glue over a long time remain fresh.
  • Ring adhesive used by many wizards to reduce the time of building.
  • Silicone tray for lashes is very convenient to use for calculations eyelash loose.
  • Very disappointed - a tool for removing eyelashes. Is a liquid( debander), oil, gel and cream. The most convenient to work with gel and cream. Due to the texture not enter the eye and do not irritate. With cream very disappointed in the eventual removal of the eyelashes even with my eyes open.
  • Ladle eyelash - type glue for eyelash is selected depending on the sensitivity of the customer and Your professionalism. If the rate of increase You have high, You can use the glue with immediate fixation, 1-2 sec. If You are a beginner, it is desirable to select adhesive with a medium rate of drying, so You have time to stick

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Eyelash extensions

Luxurious lashes like Penelope Cruz it is easy to build.