Eyelash extensions

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Luxurious lashes like Penelope Cruz it is easy to build.

Who should not be allowed to do extensions:

Refrain from eyelash extensions is for those who suffer from allergies to glue (it is usually done on the basis of resin). Although estheticians and assure that adhesive is completely harmless to the eyes, check yourself for a reaction, asking the masters to stick two or three of the cilia and walk with them daily. If the lids will withstand the procedure painlessly, you can safely go to the salon.Highly undesirable to do extensions to those who often have conjunctivitis.Weak eyelashes not able to withstand the overhead weight of the fibers. After 3-4 days they will come out with bundles. And there is a risk to stay with "bald" eyes.The owners of oily skin on the eyelids are the eyelashes also do not last long.

How is the process of increasing:

Eyelashes can increase the "beam" or one

Lashes can be worn on average for 2-3 months. Provided that every 2-3 weeks you will make the correction. Currently, there are two kinds of capacity – traditional (bundles) and Japanese technology (this is when the master puts you one cilium). The second type of capacity-more practical – "strangers" eyelashes stick to 3.5 months.

Building materials used both artificial and natural (for example, hairs of mink or silk). From synthetic materials it is better to refrain – they may contain nylon fibers and cause allergic reactions.

The procedure is that the base of your eyelashes with adhesive resin-based artificial eyelashes are attached. They are of three types – short (8 mm), medium (10 mm) and long (12 mm). It is better to choose a medium length, it looks more natural. The adhesive also is of two types – black and colorless. Colorless masking locations of adhesions, and the black looks like a liquid eyeliner. Fundamental differences is no more, so that you choose.

The difference "before" and "after" is visible to the naked eye

To build or not to build:

The average price for eyelash extensions in the salon ranges from 3,500 to 5,000 rubles. The correction is an average from 1500 to 2000 rubles.

Many are concerned about – and it is harmless eyelash extensions. And don't hurt if we imagine in the future. This question has a comprehensive answer there. All too individually.

In any beauty salon you will assure complete safety of this procedure. But still ask the master certificate for the materials that he uses. Plus plays an important role for the reputation of the salon. In no case do not recommend extensions by private beauticians at home. Then if (God forbid) there's a problem, make a complaint you will be nobody.

Things to remember before or immediately after extension:

You cannot wet lashes for 2-3 hours after extension. The resin should adhere.Do not use greasy creams. They dissolve the resin.Avoid rubbing your eyes. To touch the eyelids should be carefully and only twice a day - at morning and evening washing.It is impossible to make a steam bath for the face for 48-hours extension.Do not use waterproof mascara. Because remover for this mascara contains oil, and after application the lashes will fly like autumn leaves.To remove eye makeup better than a gel or lotion for normal carcasses.The lashes I'm afraid chlorinated and salt water.It is not recommended to sleep, buried in the pillow. In this position, your eyelashes will quickly fly.

Lashes and contact lenses:

Medical contraindications to the use of false eyelashes for those who wear contact lenses, no. BUT! Together, they co-exist peacefully, though not for long. Extended eyelashes do not stand up when you wear and remove lenses. They fall.

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