Marine nail design: fly to the sea with cool nails!

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The busy working year is over, the long-awaited vacation has come. A few more days, and the plane will land in the «hot summer». Every second fashionista prepares very carefully for the long-awaited vacation so that it will be remembered for a long time. Visiting beauty salons and nail studios, which is what modern girls run to in order to prepare their bodies, and of course, make a gorgeous manicure by the sea. Of course, there are a lot of ideas for manicure in sea power. We tried to present you the coolest trends. Scroll through! 


The main shades of nautical-style manicure are blues and golds that resemble the warm sea, turquoise waves, hot sun and a beautiful beach. These shades are perfect for any swimwear, highlighting the individuality of each woman.

In addition to blue and gold, which emphasize the main attributes of a seaside holiday, such shades as white, pink, green, and tangerine are also popular. These shades will add more juiciness to the joy of the photo.


There are a lot of variations on the theme, you can fantasize. For example:
- the sea and its fauna.
- sea waves.
- lighthouses and ships.
- lifebuoys.
- seashells.
- the sun.
- flying seagulls.

Of course, this is not the limit, the list can be supplemented with more different ideas. Any thematic design will be relevant. Perhaps in everyday life you do not particularly like to experiment, but as far as the sea is concerned, here you can do it without even straining. Each drawing will uniquely fit into your dress code and, in addition, will add more joy, happiness and fun. There is always a decent option for any age, clothing style and social status. When working, it is best to use a long-lasting gel coat to enjoy the tropical prints the entire vacation.


Tropical manicure is a very peculiar manicure. There is no limit to imagination here. Palm trees, flamingos, coconuts, citruses and more can be attached to tropical nails. Drawings of pink flamingos look incredibly tender and cute on women's nails, complementing the luxurious tropical thickets. Such beach sketches will fascinate almost all beach lovers by the sea.


The classic jacket will fit in wherever you would not rest. There will definitely be a fan of French nail art who will not part with it even while on vacation. You can just add a few bright accents, as it sparkles in a new way. 

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We hope that our article was useful for you and now you can fly to the sea with «funny» marigolds.

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