Beginner Hairdresser Set

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So, the minimum set of tools for a beginner hairdresser should include the following items:

Straight scissors.

Thinning shears.

Combs of the following types:

  1. combined (with frequent and rare teeth, we recommend choosing plain and bright),
  2. with a tail - preferably not with a metal knitting needle, but with a thin plastic one,
  3. with thick rare cloves for combing hair, which are very curly. Then, of course, you need more combs ...

Peignoirs, with fasteners in the form of hooks, and not with ties, Velcro, and not buttons.

Spray guns.

Clips (in a set of 12 pieces) - half metal, half plastic - they are light but hold hair perfectly.

Hair dryer brushes:

  1. Tunnel (or skeletal) bilateral - with short and long teeth.
  2. Brushing with diameters of approximately 30 mm and 45 mm. i.e. medium and large. It is important that the handle is solid of plastic or wood, and without natural bristles, and such ordinary (traditional). They can be with ceramic coating (they are more expensive), but it is possible without ceramic coating.

Hair dryer.


Razor with straight and thinning nozzles - plastic - you can insert half of a simple blade into it

Sweeping brush to remove hair from the skin.

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