SUN lamp - the new generation of hybrid lamps

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Very often, one has to see on the Internet the questions: “Which lamp should I choose and which one is better for working with a UV lamp or Ice?”. Before answering this question, it is first of all necessary to understand for what purposes you need it. If you plan to use the lamp for your own purposes, for example, for drying gel polish at home, then you can safely take an inexpensive LED lamp with a power of 9-24 watts. If you are doing manicure professionally or plan to do it, then here you should not save money and it is better to look at the models more expensive, and with higher power.

LED UV + LED SUN lamp - powerful ultraviolet LEDs for professional use. They are chosen by high-class craftsmen. They are ideal for the polymerization of gels, gel polishes and acrylic coatings. Ultraviolet LEDs are characterized by a wide range of possibilities, which allows them to be used for drying dense and thick products, as well as for complex building, for example, aquarium design.

LED lamp and its features:

  • High power allows you to quickly and evenly dry the artificial nail.
  • To avoid yellowing on the coating, strictly adhere to the drying time indicated in the lamp manual.
  • The operation of an LED LED lamp is not affected by power surges.
  • It is advisable to change the LEDs every 5-7 years, even if they still work. The term of use of the LEDs is indicated in the instructions.
  • In order not to damage the organs of vision, you can not look at the working lamp for a long time. Many masters additionally use special glasses that protect the eyes from negative influences.
  • Reflectors enhance the effect of light and help focus it on the working surface of the nail.
  • Many LED LED lamps have a number of additional devices that significantly facilitate and make the drying process more comfortable: a fan, a timer, a retractable or magnetic tray, and much more.

The polymerization time may vary depending on the type, color, density of the coating.

  • Material 

Power 24 W   

Power 48 W   

Gel Polish      

 30 s

15 s


30 - 60 s

30 s

Biogel UV


60 s


60 - 90 s

30 - 60 s

Gel UV


60 - 90 s

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