The minimum set for nail

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As a rule, set for nail gel includes the following:

The ultraviolet lamp. For home use is quite suitable lamp power of 36W with stamera no additional options funkci.

Flat brushdesigned for applying gel rectangular or square shape with faux hair.

Nail file. Will abanadoned much Krasnoi roughness. Most suitable for building gel nail files 100×100 grit (to handle gel nail) и180×240 grit (naturalnogo for gel nail). It is better to buy several pieces as they are cut down quickly. The form I should choose such kotoroy it will be convenient to work vkazhdom case.

BAF. Is a rectangular block sherokhovatoi surface, which is used for the final drinking of the gel nail. Suitable for beginners BAF 120×120×120грит.

Orange sticks, which will help fall in love situation. They are indispensable for moving away the cuticle, helps to remove excess gel or fiber, will be of great help in time of design of the nail plate.

A pair of nail scissors.

Tiparesc.It's all different names for the same instrument that is used for cutting tips, which are often used tehnologii nail gelenggang conditions.

Plastic brushfor removal of dust snorta.

Tips ICLEI for them. They should be with the wide contact plane and easy to bend.

Forms for gel nail modelling with the wide part of the bonding. Within time you will understand how convenient to increase the nails: natops or form.

Onbesilver nails.

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