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Typically, a nail extension kit consists of the following items:

  • LED/UV nail lamp. The 36W UV lamp with a simple timer and no additional functions is sufficient for home use.

  • Gel brush designed for applying and building nails with UV-building gel.

  • Nail files. To prepare the nails, it is recommended to use special files with different granulations. The most suitable grits for gel extension piles are 100/100 (for gel nail work) and 180/240 (for gel and natural nails). It is always better to buy a larger number of pieces at a time, as they wear out quickly during regular use. The shape of the nail piles should be chosen according to preference and provide convenient handling in every situation. 

  • Buffer. The buffer is a four-sided object used to complete the gel nail polishing process. For beginners, a 120/120 grit buffer is recommended, which is suitable for removing imperfections and achieving smooth and shiny results. 

  • Orange sticks. They are indispensable tools in various situations. They are particularly useful for cuticle movement and can help remove excess gel. Besides, they prove to be excellent aids during nail plate design. Due to their special shape, orange sticks ensure greater precision in manicure. Thus, they are an indispensable tool for those interested in nail care and design. 

  • Nail scissors. Nail scissors are a tool designed for nail cutting and care. This special tool has sharp blades that allow precise and safe cutting of nails, regardless of shape or length. Typically, these scissors come with ergonomic handles to provide comfort and control during use. Nail scissors are frequently used at home or in salons to keep nails in a neat shape and avoid overgrowth.

  • Nail clippers. Specially designed to precisely cut false nails without damaging them and helping to adjust their size.

  • De-sharpening brush. The nail brush is a special tool designed to remove dust from the nail that occurs after filing. It is recommended for both manicures and pedicures.

  • Nail tips. Nail tips are thin, rigid pieces, usually made of plastic or gel, that are applied to the natural nail to give it extra shape and length. They can be useful for people with short or brittle nails who want to achieve a more durable and resistant look.

  • Tip adhesive. Tip adhesive is specially designed for gluing tips to nails, ensuring a strong adhesion and being completely transparent. 

  • Nail building sanders. Nail building sanders are specially designed for shaping false nails. They are disposable and can be used in both gel and acrylic manicures. Thanks to their easy-to-use system, the nail builders are easy to apply and use, contributing to an ideal extension for short and long nails.

  • Nail polish remover. Specially designed to effectively remove moisture from the nail surface and maintain the natural acid-alkaline balance of the nail. The degreaser has multiple benefits, such as antiseptic effect, reducing the risk of fungal growth. Degreaser is also particularly recommended for people who suffer from excessive hand sweating. By using this product, manicure can be done in an ideal way.

  • Primer. Primer is the ideal solution for manicure preparation. With its help, you will get a better adhesion of the material on the nail. A great advantage of this product is that it does not require exposure to UV light to dry, but dries naturally in the air. Thus, you will save time and get a high quality result.

  • Base Coat. Nail Base Coat is an essential product in preparing and achieving a perfect manicure. It is applied before semi-permanent nail polish or UV gel and has many important functions. The main function of nail base coat is to protect natural nails against pigmentation, yellowing and thinning. It provides a protective barrier between the nail and the colour applied afterwards, thus preventing pigments from penetrating into the surface layer of the nail. In addition to protection, the nail base helps to improve the adhesion of semi-permanent nail polish or UV gel, thus ensuring greater durability of the manicure and preventing nail chipping. There are a variety of nail bases on the market that may have additional properties. Some bases have ingredients in their composition that help to harden and moisturise the nail plate, giving the nail a healthier look and reducing the risk of breakage or peeling. Other bases may contain vitamin additives to improve the condition and appearance of nails. Choosing the right base for your individual needs can bring many benefits and contribute to a flawless manicure.

  • UV gel for nail building. For starters, it is recommended to choose a clear gel. If you are not yet confident in your own abilities, it is not necessary to buy a large gram. If you develop your skills over time, you can opt for a coloured or glitter gel to create more complex designs on your nail. 

  • Top Coat. This is a product used in manicures to give a finishing touch and to complete a nail design. Top coat is a clear top coat that is applied over semi-transparent nail polish or UV gel on the nail. A top coat has several functions, including creating shine, protecting the nail plate against chipping and scratching and increasing the durability of the manicure. It helps to achieve smoother and more durable nails, keeping them beautiful and stylish.

  • Cuticle oil. Cuticle oil is a product specially created to treat brittle and damaged nails. It works to prevent the skin from drying out, keeping it soft and smooth at all times. The oil softens the cuticles, combats dryness, restores the nail from the inside out and improves its appearance. It effectively regenerates dry cuticles and velvets the skin around the nail.
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