What types of waxes are

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Waxes for hair removal differ in several criteria. The main one is the melting point of the wax.

So, the melting point of the waxes are divided into:

· Cold воск;

· Warm воск;

· Hot wax.

Coldis good because it does not need any devices for heating.

Basically, onproducts in the form of ready-made wax strips or in a jar (tube).

Finished strip should be warm between the palms, to separate, to stick to the skin with hair and tear sharp movement against the hair growth.

Warm waxis usually in a special cassette with a roller, less often in banks, requires preheating before use.For heating of wax required a special cassette to help melting wax faster or water bath. Heated to a state of viscous honey, it is applied on the skin with a roller or a special spatula (if the wax is in the Bank), is removed using paper or non-woven strips.

Hot waxis the most favorite for professional masters waxing. Comes in blocks, tablets, plates and granules. Requires a warm-up from 37 to 40 to 50-55OC depending on composition. To heat need special help melting wax faster, microwave or water bath.

It is applied on the skin with a spatula or trowel. Is removed after hardening without the use of strips, in itself, it forms a plastic thin flatbread that is not stretched and not torn and holds the hair.Therefore it is also called film wax for depilation: it is the cooling of the skin forms a dense film, which is removed in one piece.

In banks wax usually comes with a special pen, that was easy to get to the Bank of to help melting wax faster or the water bath. In tiles wax really needs to be hidden from children, as he is too similar to chocolate. Also hot wax can be in briquettes and tablets.

There is no much difference between the waxes in banks, tablets or granules no. The use of a particular form of packing of wax depends on the amount of work that you plan to conduct a single procedure.

If you are about to remove a mustache above the upper lip, you will be enough a few granules if you remove the hair on the chest, back and legs your loved one, then it is better to warm up a jar of wax and one to keep in reserve.

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