When to cut hair - 6 rules

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Do not cut the hair yourself

The essence of this rule is simple: man it's hard with something to handle alone. And then, cutting the hair by yourself, man distorts his own hand his own bioenergy.

Choose a good master

Meaning the choice is not just a good professional and a great professional Barber. Arriving at the beauty salon, pay attention to a person's appearance, his cheerfulness, kindness and smile. Choose a positive person. Your hairdresser will intervene in your aura. Moreover, the older he is, the stronger its ability to change anything in your biofield. Therefore, the wise people are advised to choose master about the same age as you, and even better younger. Correct Barber, plus a well designed cutting - and your life will change for the better.

Keep your head cleansed under a full moon

This rule is for those who want to make the hair grow fast. Accordingly, if you cut it during a waning moon, you will achieve the opposite result. To be cut on the waning moon still useful to those people who have hair fall and want to strengthen the hair roots.

Keep your head cleansed, when you're sick

Don't have to do a thorough haircut. Literally a millimeter to cut the ends. It is believed that together with bobbed ends of her hair out negative energy and treatment will be much easier and faster.

The Barber should be your floor

The Bible tells us that Samson killed a woman, obrazovka his hair. The bottom line is this: if you like your hairdresser with the opposite gender, then you start trouble in private life. During shearing we are ever subject to the influence of others (namely the influence of the hairdresser).

Choose the day and the number

Did you know that there are so-called satanic moon days? This 9; 15; 23; 29. These numbers to not get a haircut. Should skip going to the hairdresser in the days of lunar and solar eclipses. Ignoring the sixth rule, you risk to "cut off the mind and memory" and even get sick. If to speak about the choice of day of the week, then:

  • Monday is a great day. In addition, you will become beautiful, you also get rid of excess negative энергии;
  • Tuesday – keep your head cleansed, if you feel lack of energy, depression or you don't have the guts to break some вопрос;
  • Wednesday – the haircut on this day fill your life with new experiences, friends and поездками;
  • Thursday – the day for blagopoluchiya and good luck. The best day for стрижки;
  • Friday – this day only for those who want to be beautiful. If your appearance you are quite satisfied, then Friday better пропустить;
  • Saturday – a beautiful day. Your hair will be improved. But most importantly – with the hair cut will take some of your sins and the sins of your kind.
  • Sunday – get a haircut impossible. If cutting hair on Sunday, then good luck will turn away from you.

In conclusion: we are the creators of their neutrataste and successes. But it is not necessary to offend the fate and neglect the experience of our ancestors. And according to this, before you go to the hairdresser, think about it: when to cut hair today or maybe it makes sense to postpone the haircut for another day.

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