Why is the correction of nails should be done every 3 weeks?

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Correctionusing nail to "repair" artificial turf, which aims to add material on the regrown area, changing the design, shape and length of nails. To make the nails look well groomed and attractive, this procedure is recommended to be done every 2-4 weeks.

Types of correction

Masters of nail service there are several types of corrections, regardless of the material (gel or acrylic) - it all depends on the condition of the nails, the complexity of the design. Distinguish:

1.A small correctionis needed when minor damage nails, a small growth or mechanical damage (small detachment).

2.The average correctionis designed for those who wear the nails 4 or more weeks. During this time, the nail grows about 3-5 millimeters, the goal of correction is to hide the area between the natural nail and the artificial, and to eliminate minor damage.

3.Big correctionmost often resembles a simulation, as designed for a complete change of design, form. A correction wizard can do when there is failure of the nail, strong exfoliation.

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