Did you know about the sterilization of hairdressing tools?

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In salons and hairdressers, in practice, scissors, combs and other accessories of the daily work of a hairdresser are very rarely processed. They are not only disinfected, but also not cleaned by them! It’s hard to talk about the great desire of hairdressers to use modern disinfectants. Many of them do not even suspect that this still needs to be done and why.

After use, combs, brushes, scissors for cutting hair should be washed with liquid soap in running water, cleaned from visible impurities with a clean brush and only then disinfected when completely immersed (or treated by spraying the disinfectant solution over the surface of the instrument with a minimum exposure time of at least 5 minutes). After exposure to disinfectant solutions, instruments are washed with water, if this is indicated in the instructions for the disinfector.

Clips, curlers, caps and nets for curling, caps for highlighting after each use are washed in running water with detergents. According to the rules, removable knives of hairdressing machines should also be disinfected after serving each client, while the non-removable metal part of the machines is mechanically cleaned of hair and rubbed twice with a napkin with disinfectant.

After disinfection, instruments should be stored under conditions that preclude their secondary infection. Hairdressing scissors, after accidental cuts, contact with blood and body fluid of the human body, must be disinfected and, if required by the rules and regulations of your country or republic, sterilized (for details on the methods of disinfection and sterilization of the instrument, see below).

The peignoir is cleaned of hair in a utility or specially equipped place of the hairdresser. It is forbidden to blow off a hairdryer, to shake off hair from peignoirs at a workplace. To collect used linen, cropped hair, it is necessary to have sealed containers lined with disposable plastic bags. Hair is collected in a closing scoop directly near the chair. A filled bag with cropped hair is tied and stored in a utility room until disposal.

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